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Болатбекова Асемгуль, студентка «Учет и аудит» , 4 курс

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My Erasmus experience in Valladolid

¡Hola! На протяжении 5 месяцев по программе Erasmus+ я училась на факультете коммерция в университете Вальядолид.

В течение этого времени учеба в Университете Вальядолида (UVa) изменила мою жизнь. Обучение проходило на английском языке и я училась с ребятами из Франции, Черногории, Албании, Египта, Латвии, Эквадора, Польши, России и ещё из многих стран. В начале было сложно понимать одногруппников, но через некоторое время я уже адаптировалась. Еще задолго до приезда со мной связался мой ментор, готовый помочь  мне в любом вопросе. Несмотря на трудности с подбором предметов и бесчисленное множество документов для оформления, организационные моменты в университете очень продуманы. По приезду нам рассказали все подробности и нюансы, помогли с оформлением и регистрацией, уделили максимум внимания каждому.

На протяжении семестра мы ездили в разные города. Однако из-за карантинных мер до мая невозможно было выехать за пределы региона. Поэтому до мая я путешествовала по городам региона Кастилия и Леон, в котором я находилась, а после того как уже открыли границы я поехала вам Мадрид, Барселону, Валенсию, Бенидорм, Сантандер и во многие другие города Испании. Также я не смогла упустить возможность поехать в Португалию. И побывала в столице городе Лиссабон.

Erasmus – это маленькая сказочная жизнь, после возвращения из которой у тебя остаются друзья, новые привычки и полный багаж опыта.

Оразбеккызы Айгуль, выпускница КазУЭФМТ

It was a great honour for me to be a part of University of Valladolid. This place improved my willingness to adapt to a new environment and grew my confidence while gaining skills. I deeply value that experience, as it let me do practical thinking from the European perspective in the university with diverse professors and students all around the world. 

My Erasmus semester was exciting, as it allowed me to express my interest in international relations in an active manner. I particularly enjoyed exercising and extending my knowledge in economic relations and cultural diversity during the classes. Something I have learned through my study of Spanish in University of Valladolid is that the skills for communicating with a limited vocabulary are akin to the skills for explaining complex concepts. Outside my academic life, I was thrilled by the opportunities of exploring Europe.

My name is Kubenova Zhanel, I graduated from the Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade, where I studied in the specialty «Economics». I would like to share a little of my experience of studying abroad. Within the framework of academic mobility, the university offered a unique opportunity to receive an education in Spain under the programme Erasmus + and study at the University of Valladolid for 1 semester.

It was an invaluable experience, where you can not only improve and constantly practice a foreign language, but also gain new theoretical knowledge and practical skills, learn a different culture, and acquire friends of different nationalities. Also studying in Spain, we were provided with a scholarship, as well as an opportunity to learn Spanish with a native speaker. In addition, we were able to visit other cities in Spain, such as Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian and many others.

I am very grateful to the Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade for such an opportunity and experience, which is incredibly useful for students.

Студентки 3 курса Кубенова Жанель и Оразбекқызы Айгуль делятся впечатлениями об академической мобильности по программе Erasmus в Испании в университете Valladolid. 

Сартбай Акнур студентка 2 курса специальности «социальная работа» рассказывает о своем обучении в университете LAMK  в Финляндии.

“Erasmus+ fulfills dreams” by Kamila Ryskaliyeva

My name is Kamila Ryskaliyeva. I’m from Kazakhstan . I am 21 years old. I am a student of the Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade. Since childhood, I have long dreamed of knowing many languages, traveling and getting acquainted with the cultures and traditions of other countries.


I want to tell you about my incredible and vivid experience at most ancient University of Spain in the University of Valladolid. This is my first time in Europe and abroad in general. For me this is an unforgettable experience. Here I am exactly two months and I am in love with this country.

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When I first arrived I was a little difficult with the language since I had never been in an environment where they speak Spanish and English. My level of Spanish was basic and I studied it on my own. When my friend and I arrived in Valladolid it was very cold and we did not know how to get to our hostel and we asked for help the woman standing at the bus stop, she really helped us and I am very grateful to her. I really like people here, they are very kind, open, smiling and ready to help. I was also very touched by the attitude of people towards animals. This once again speaks of their generosity and kindness.

image004.pngI study Commerce. With me in the group study 46 people from 17 different countries: Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Albania, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Netherlands and so on. It is simply unbelievable that, so many different nationalities from different points of our planet Earth can gather in one audience. Thanks to this, you can get acquainted with other cultures and their customs, practice other foreign languages, learn something new from them. Here are very experienced and competent professors, they are always open, you can safely ask them questions that concern you, treat us with understanding and support us in our endeavors. Their activities motivate you and help you to grow. Although the system and method of teaching are completely different from teaching in my country by the fact that here we work in groups, various interesting tasks for example with constructors to create own company or to explore your country’s market. I found out  more about Trade and Consumer Behavior in Spain and different countries .  I know that this experience will help me in the future in spite of the fact that in my country I am studying in another specialty. Erasmus+ program helped me to realize myself as a person, to become more open, responsible, helped my self-improvement and broadening my horizons. Thanks to all this, you begin to think differently and you become more stronger, more independence. 

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During these two month I managed to visit several cities in Spain, such as the capital of Spain-Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona. These are incredibly beautiful cities, each city is filled with its own history, atmosphere, rhythm of life, culture, traditions and each of them has something special that attracts and inspires. In the city of Valladolid there are a lot of museums, beautiful places, parks, different types of wines are produced here, as well as many places where you can eat and have a good time with friends and relatives.

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I really liked the Spanish national dishes Paella, Tortilla, Croquettes.

image010.jpg  image011.jpg

This country never ceases to amaze me every day more and more. During the two months of my stay here, I learned a lot and realized that you cannot stop believing in yourself, always striving for the right thing and dream. I am very glad that thanks to the Erasmus + program I had the opportunity to get such a wonderful experience at the University of Valladolid and study in such an extraordinary country as Spain. I am very grateful to this program for helping me make my dream come true.



“My First Experience Studying Abroad” by Aizhan Satmagambetova

My name is Aizhan. I’m from Kazakhstan. I study at “World Economy” in my country. In Spain, I study at the faculty of commerce. A year ago, I won a grant for studying in the University of Valladolid and it’s a great honor to study here. It’s my first experience studying in a foreign country and a good opportunity to practise my English and learn a new language.

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I arrived to Spain on the first of February. It was really difficult at the beginning. At first, I sort out my documents, which were necessary for the university and for opening my student card in bank “Santander”. Then, I visited some shops, supermarkets and the centre of the city, starting the adaptation to the life in Spain. I always shoot videos and I hope they upload them. Living here, I realized that the life in Spain is different than in Kazakhstan and, of course, everything is interesting and new for me. I live in a flat, which is not far from my faculty, with 2 girls; Eulalie, from France and Kamila, from Kazakhstan, who came here to study with me. They are very nice.


Now I want to talk about studying in Spain. I chose 3 subjects to study and all of them are very interesting and creative. I met many people from Europe, Asia, etc. Many of them are communicative and friendly. I started to learn Spanish. I’m very interested in it.


I went to three cities of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastian. Two weeks after my arrival, I decided to go to Madrid, the capital of Spain, with my friend from Kazakhstan. It’s very beautiful city and I enjoyed it. Honestly, I like Madrid more than Barcelona. At the end of February, I went to Barcelona with my friends from Kyrgyzstan. It was a memorable trip, we visit such a different places.


Now, I organized a trip with my friends. Our trip includes some countries such as France, Luxembourg, Netherlands or Belgium. I believe that it will be the best trip.


I’m really happy to study in Spain. I want to thank Erasmus + for this great opportunity. I hope that this period of my life will be the brightest.