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Memo to the graduate on the procedure for checking works with the anti-plagiar Internet system Strike Plagiarism

1.     Plagiarism - the use of someone's text in whole or in part of the materials of one or another author's work without proper notice - is a serious ethical act that entails the application of appropriate academic and disciplinary measures in accordance with the procedures of the institute.

2.     The procedure for carrying out plagiarism is carried out by the commission, without fail, to the master's thesis (projects), graduate works (projects) of students in KazUEFIT. The check is carried out by the anti-plagiarized Internet system StrikePlagiarism.

3.     Graduation work should be checked and signed by the norm controller, supervisor and head of the department and sent to the dean's office for plagiarism 22 days before the defense in electronic and hard copy version.

4.     With the finished work (electronic and printed version) it is necessary to apply to your dean's office, that is, to the system operator (deputy dean). Having submitted your work, you must sign a corresponding statement about the originality of the work. The  audit period  is from 2 to 5 days.

5       The operator will check your work for identity by electronic and printed version. If inconsistencies are found as a result of the inspection, the operator will inform you about this. Next, you are given 24 hours for correction (adjustment can be made no more than twice within the above 24 hours). If the text of the work between the electronic and printed versions coincide, your work will be uploaded to the system to check for plagiarism. The result of the performance check is similarity reports: a full report and a brief report.

6       The degree of originality of work is characterized by two similarity coefficients. For the successful completion of the plagiarism procedure, the value of the similarity factor №1 should not exceed the level of 60% and the value of the similarity factor №2 should not exceed 8% for the bachelor degree (for the magistracy - 50% and 5% respectively), otherwise a careful analysis of the report is required. And the volume of citations can not be more than 50% of the total workload. The final decision on admitting the work to protection, its non-admission or the need to correct / modify the work is taken by the Commission on Anti-Plagiarism.

7       At the end of the test, the system operator at the dean's office or the supervisor at the department will notify you of the results of the inspection. In the event that your final work is allowed to be protected, the relevant protocols and similarity reports signed by the commission are attached to the work. Note. Intentionally distorting the text of the work, which is loaded into the anti-plagiarism system, in particular, skipping the fragments of the text during the work loading, changing the font, using the symbols of other alphabets, adding special characters to the text of the work, changing the order of the characters in words, deprivation of the text of a part of the symbols, etc., are the basis for applying to a graduate of disciplinary measures.

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