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Requirements to the reports

Guidance to authors


√    Publication should be carefully proofread and edited.

√    Publications may submitted in electronic form with the application a copy of the printed text (with the check of payment) to the relevant department. Nonresident participants’ abstracts can be sent by e-mail:

The article should be attached in following formats: WINDOWS XP or RTF (REACH TEXT FORMAT), MS Word 2003 and should be typed in Times New Roman style, with the size of paper- A4. Font size -14, spacing - single, the width of all fields - 2 cm, paragraph - 1.25 cm.

In the upper left part of the page is typed UDC. At the top right - name, surname, specialty, then the name and initials of the scientific adviser, details of position/place of work, academic degree and rank. Through a gap in the middle of the sheet is typed in capital letters the name of the material, then the normal type - text. At the end of the article should be a list of references, and a brief summary (3-5 sentences) in the Russian, Kazakh and English languages.

Do not use in the main text of the report fat, italic and underlined font. Do not use automatic and forced migration, forced line break marks, pages; pictures; colored elements. The article may be a maximum of 2 tables formed in Word, 2 drawings (Word, group). Formulas are typed in the formula editor (Microsoft Equation).

■    Links to references - with continuous numeration. References - at the end of the text;

■    The volume - 5-6 pages of typewritten text.

■    The articles have to be presented with reviews. The reviewers should have an academic degree.

■    In the collection are placed original, previously unpublished articles with the author's corrections. The author himself is responsible for the content and formalization of articles.

■    Submissions received after the deadline or not drawn in accordance with the requirements will not be considered and will not be returned. The organizing committee reserves the right, non-compliance with the requirements of the article, to reject it from the press.

The terms of participation:

To participate in the conference should submit conference papers (research reports texts) in paper and electronic format at the following address: 010005, Astana Zhubanov 7, at the Department of Advisors, as well as participants from other cities - to send by e-mail E-mail: science @ kuef .kz following materials in the submission:

1. The text of the article, drawn up in accordance with the requirements

2. Information about the author in the prescribed form (in the newsletter);

3. A photocopy or scanned copy (or legible digital photo) of the receipt of payment for inclusion in the collection.

Registration fee is 3000 tenge for each participant.

The money should be sent to the account of the Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade, and entered into the University.



"Kazakh University of Economics,

Finance and International Trade" Establishment

TRN 600300112623

IIN (BIN) 000 840 001 204

OKPO 39350963

IBAN KZ 94551Z128000001EUR

Branch of JSC "Bank Kassa Nova" in Astana



Legal Address: Astana, st. Zhubanov 7

If you have any question on publication please contact the Leading Specialist of the Science DepartmentSamanova Madina Bolatbekovna.

Tel.: (+7-7172) 278-571, ext.(118)



Information about the author

Application for participationin the scientific and practical conference of young scientists

"The modern Economy of Kazakhstan: current state and prospects of development”

1. The full name of the author(s) _______________________________________________________

2. Place of work, position _____________________________________________________

3. Telephone number, e-mail____________________________________________________

4. The number and the name of section _______________________________________________

5. Title of the article ___________________________________________________________ 

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