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Department of "Accounting and Auditing"

The department "Accounting and Audit" is one of the leading departments of the university, which trains bachelors in educational programs (EP) 6B04105 "Accounting and Audit", 6B05401 "Statistics", 6B04106 "Evaluation", masters in EP 7M04108 "Accounting and Audit" (profile direction) and 7M04107 "Accounting and audit" (scientific and pedagogical direction) and 7M05402 "Statistics" (profile) and 7M05401 - Statistics (scientific and pedagogical direction).

The main goal of the department is to train highly qualified accountants - auditors with entrepreneurial competencies for the labor market based on the integration of education, research and entrepreneurship.

The department provides an opportunity to obtain a European Diploma Supplement and a double degree at Kangnam University (South Korea).

A high percentage of employment of graduates (82 -% bachelor's degree, 100% master's degree).

The Department of Accounting and Audit takes an active part in the implementation of international student exchange programs with the following universities:

- Gangnam University (South Korea);

- Anadolu University, (Turkey city of Eskisehir);

- Tomas Bata University (Zlin, Czech Republic);

- University of Vailladolid (Spain);

- Astrakhan State Technical University (Russia, Astrakhan);

as well as for internal mobility:

- Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan, Astana);

- JSC "Narkhoz University" (Kazakhstan, Almaty);

- University of International Business (Kazakhstan, Almaty);

- Kokshetau University named after Abay Myrzakhmetov (Kazakhstan, Kokshetau);

- Caspian University of Technology and Engineering named after Sh. Yessenov (Kazakhstan, Aktau)

The head of the department is Bekzhanova Toty Kalzhanovna, candidate of economic sciences, acting professor at Esil University. Winner of the grant of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best teacher - 2016", Holder of an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The activities of the Accounting and Audit Department involve highly qualified teachers with extensive experience both in enterprises and in the higher education system - 1 Doctor of Science, 5 PhD Doctors, 8 Candidates of Science, 5 Masters. There is an operating branch of the department in LLP "Audit and Evaluation Center".

Over the years, the title of "Best University Teacher" was awarded to teachers of the department - Doctor of Economics, Professor Aliev M.K., Ph.D., Acting Professor Bekzhanova T.K., PhD, Associate Professor Yusupov U.B., PhD, Associate Professor Tusibaeva G.S., PhD, Associate Professor Zhumataeva B.A.

The leadership of the department pays great attention to personnel policy, the formation and training of a personnel reserve in order to rejuvenate the teaching staff and create conditions for securing young talented scientists and teachers at the department. Young specialists are connected to the implementation of the initiative scientific topic “Improving Accounting, Auditing and Analysis in the Conditions of Innovative and Integration Development of the Economy”, the supervisor of which is Doctor of Economics, Professor Aliev M.K.

The scientific and pedagogical workers of the department "Accounting and Audit" are highly qualified specialists who have a scientific degree, academic title, experience in scientific and pedagogical, administrative, production activities, work experience in the field of accounting, analysis and audit and a significant number of scientific papers, are textbooks, textbooks, monographs and state certification tests of graduates by experts.

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