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Department of "Accounting and Auditing"

The history of any institution - is the story of its foundation, t its faculties and departments. Department of "Accounting and audit" has been functioning since 2002. During these years the department "Accounting and audit" has been recognized as the center for quality education, synthesizing fundamental training and practical orientation of knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing.

In the era of globalization and the formation of a common information and educational space the department opens qualitatively new prospects for development. In this regard, the mission of the department is to prepare high-quality professionals in the field of accounting, audit, analysis, statistics and evaluation with advanced system knowledge to necessary competencies and skills for the active involvement and participation in the solution of socio-economic, humanitarian and spiritual challenges at the Republic of Kazakhstan and at the international community.

Since 2010, the department managed by the Ph.D., professor, academician IEEA Aliyev M.K. who has completed Dzhambul Technological Institute with honors in 1975 majoring in "Accounting and analysis of economic activity."

Today the "Accounting and auditing" department has all necessary conditions for quality training. These conditions primarily include:

1. The total number of staff of the department on 09/01/2018 is 21 people, including PhD on a specialty (08.0012, accounting, auditing, statistics) - 1, doctors, PhD (on the specialty 6D050800-Accounting and audit) - 3, PhD - 7 (6 of them in the specialty 08.0012- accounting, auditing, statistics), masters, professors - 10, master, teacher - 1.

2.Implementation of the new generation of mandatory standards of education at the undergraduate and graduate programs that correspond to the world and the structure and content;

3. The presence of a solid base of scientific information: modern library, with its 396642 titles of literature on the specialty, including 153812 in the state language; computer system, comprising more than 24 computers, 1 projector, 1 interactive whiteboard, network technology of distance learning, the introduction of «Platonus» system presented as a system of learning management automation. In addition, effective educational portal of the University, developed on the basis of the system «Moodle», fully integrated with «Platonus» system that has its address in Internet -, as well as a hyperlink to it from the official website of the University. Operates official website - ( and the Department Page;

4. Significant capacity of improving research work of students, as a factor of intellectualization of training activities, the development of creative abilities, citizenship positions among students through the creation of student scientific societies: Young Accountants Club named 'Arlan', Club of young statisticians named "Statistics knows everything" and the young club of evaluators named "Kyran", that includes participation in conferences, seminars, competitions and other international events;

5. Introduction of new educational process management tools: credit student learning technology, distance learning;

6. Implementation of new generation of textbooks adapted to the requirements of credit technology in the Kazakh and Russian languages;

7.Enhancing practical orientation of education, including the involvement of teaching and management diploma practicing accountants.

The heart of the specialty training system "Accounting and audit" is the curriculum, the implementation of which is a prerequisite for obtaining a diploma of higher education to all students. Curricula are developed for each area, for which they were trained. They include training in two languages: Kazakh and Russian and secondary cycles, basic and majors,that are the basis of university education.

The department pays great attention to protecting the interests of the faculty and staff, as they are the most valuable human resource.

The Department staff is formed from a highly professional lecturers, most of which have academic degrees and titles, extensive practical experience.

During the 2017-2018 period the share of teaching staff (21) with academic degrees and titles to the standard composition was – 52,4%, The average age of staff of the department, together with the part-timers - 49 years. Faculty staffing - 100%. All lecturers have a basic higher education. The proportion of lecturers, that teach in the national language - 67% of their total number.

The main task of the department in the personnel policy is the formation and training of personnel for the purpose of staff rejuvenation and creating conditions for securing of talented young scientists and teachers at the department.

Department of "Accounting and audit" provides education on the two-tier system of training: Bachelor - on educational programs 5B050800 - Accounting and Auditing, 5V051200 Statistics, 5V090800 - Evaluation and Masters in educational programs 6M051200 - Statistics, 6M050800 - Accounting and Auditing.

For the preparation of bachelors and masters developed modular educational programs (MEP) in the field. Modules included in the educational program of a specialty and have several kinds: uniform compulsory modules, required modules, specialty modules for a particular specialization, elective module, and models beyond qualification.

Specialty "Accounting and audit" suggests a choice of educational path: "Accounting and Auditing in the real economy" and "Accounting and auditing in the public sector", which allows you to fully and deeply learn the selected specialization.

All subjects taught at the Department provided with textbooks, teaching materials and workshops for the practical training.

A catalog of elective courses take into account the regional problems of the economy, international aspects, the need for the corporate community. Product reviewed annually and updated with new disciplines.


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