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Inclusive Education: Theory and Practice

The Kazakh University of  Economy, Finance and International Trade held scientific seminar "Inclusive Education: Theory and Practice." Initiated by the Coordinator of  Inclusive Education KazUEFMT  candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Saule Bagauovna Sarbasova Head of Student Scientific Circle "AYALA" , Department of "Social Work" Musralinov Anuar.

Lecturers are  guests of the seminar, the specialists of the social sphere and education directly involved in this issue:


•Chi Kai Chan-  Professor of a Department  "Sociology and Anthropology» of a School of Humanities and Social Sciences of  Nazarbayev University.

•Sofia An- Assistant of professor of  Department of   "Sociology and Anthropology» of  School of Humanities and Social Sciences of  Nazarbayev University, PhD .

Experts, practitioners:

• Sadvokasova Saule Bolashovna- educational psychologist  of Miras International School, Master of Science on  specialty "Social work".

• Kuanysh Ulan - director of the rehabilitation center №2 of  akimat of Astana, Master of Science on specialty "Social work" and Master of specialty "Public Health".

• Temenova Saule Ermuhanovna- Director of the SE "School-Gymnasium  № 83of akimat of Astana", which operates on the basis of an elementary school of inclusive education, teacher of the highest category.

• Abgaeva Zhibek Nurahmetovna- Deputy Director of LLP "Center for training and retraining of Astana".

• Almoldaeva Aygerim Ardagerovna- Director of Cabinet of psycho-pedagogical correction №2 of Astana akimat.

• Anykbaeva Zhaudir Maratkyzy -district nurse CC CP on PVC "City hospital  №7  of Astanaakimat.

• Nugumanova Gulbanu Mansurovna- Deputy  Director of Education of the Children's Center "Zhasyl-Zhaylau " Kazakhstan branch "ZeUmitKorporeyshn" non-profit organization in Astana.

• Rahimova Ominahon Bahadyrkyzy  - Deputy, Head of Department HLS educational and practical Center of Family Medicine "Demeu" in Astana.

• Imanbaev Almas Bolatovich- Speech of the 2nd highest category of  the Corporate Fund "UMC" (National Center for Pediatric Rehabilitation).

Bright and deep speeches of specialists provoked lively discussion among the participants of the seminar  during which they received comprehensive and substantiated answers on the questions posed.

Very important information and reflections on the implementation of the first steps in the development of inclusive education provided Dzhanieva Toyzhan Seydalievna- the chief freelance therapist MLSP RK, expert of the department of science of the Corporate Fund "UMC" RK (National Center for Children's Rehabilitation RK).

Interesting suggestions were made by geneticist Chi Kai Chan who is a professor of  Nazarbayev University, the need for a project on training, advice on quality inclusive education in the education system, from pre-school to higher education.

For proper and in-depth perception of the problem under discussion SNK "AYALA" organized by a university research library exhibition of book and magazine editions and stand "Inclusive Education: Experience and Prospects. Technical University Department organized the accurate work of multimedia support.

This event is  one of many carried out by the University for 2016-2017 study year in accordance with the requirements of the State program of education development of our country for 2011-2020.

The university developed the plan of measures on realization of recommendation Science and Practical Center "Resource Advisory Centre on Inclusive Education for the Republic of Kazakhstan universities" created with the Ministry of education and science  on the basis of the Kazakh National Pedagogical  University named after Abai.

For example, students of the Department "Social work" under the direction of People's Commissars "AYALA" every year since 2013, involved in the organization and conduct of the republican and city competitions "Different -Equal".

In order to familiarize with the activities of specialists of social sphere and kinds of assistance to the population in the area of ​​social protection, social adaptation, inclusive education department organized tours for faculty and students of the specialty "Social Work" of 1-3 courses on social institutions: KSU "Medico-social institution for the elderly and disabled »  Astana akimat, PFBalam-ay ", NGO" Society of disabled children "and others.

On September 30, 2016 SNK "AYALA" the Department "Social work" initiated the International Round Table "Prospects of training of social workers in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation"which was attended by teachers and students of the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, KazUEFIT and ENU L.N Gumilyov.

The program was presented and discussed on reports: "The implementation of the research project “Support of students with disabilities in higher education” , “Psychosocial approach to strengthen the mental health of young people with disabilities” etc.

Participation of bachelor and master students have been organized in the Republican Scientific lecture "Inclusive Education is  a way to a tolerant society" on October 25, 2016 on the basis of EAGI materials which will be published in a collection.

The Masterstudent  ofthe 2nd  course of specialty "Social work" Dyusembina Meruert participated in the International Conference "Autism, a world of possibilities," as one of skill in the art.

The leitmotif of all the activities carried out of the Department of "Social Work" for the development of inclusive education is "human value does not depend on his abilities and achievements. Only people can destroy themselves and society, but as a man himself is able to cure it and elevate to the skies "

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