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5В090200 - TOURISM (BS)


According to the latest research on economic trends, tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global and Kazakh economies.

The professional skills acquired in the course of obtaining the specialty “Tourism” reveal to the person unlimited possibilities for studying the world, let us understand and see its beauty and diversity, introducing everyone to this.

The professional activity of the bachelor of tourism is aimed at improving the management of tourism enterprises and organizations, exploring the tourist potential of our country and exploring the foreign experience of tourist services in order to optimize the current and long-term planning system, introduce modern methods of tourist services and information technologies, improve the quality of the tourist product, and train personnel middle managers for tourist enterprises.

The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor in "Tourism" is the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as science, education, government regulation and other spheres of human activity, directly or indirectly, related to tourism.

You will be able to work as managers in companies engaged in tourist activities, heads of marketing departments and advertising services of travel companies, enterprises, etc.

Objects of professional activity

• government bodies associated with the organization of tourism (committees, akimats, regional offices);

• public and private companies involved in the tourist business;

• objects of the hospitality industry and tourism;

• educational institutions and research organizations, advertising agencies.


Social sphere is one of the most dynamically developing spheres of Kazakhstan society. Social workers are specialists with the highest moral and ethical principles of human culture. Their demand in the labor market and in the life of our society is constantly growing. All this opens up broad opportunities for professional, personal development and growth of our graduates.

KazUEFMT has been training social workers for more than ten years and is the leading institution of higher education, invariably occupying a leading position according to the results of independent ratings in Kazakhstan.

Our goal is to train competitive social work professionals in demand in the labor market. Social well-being and stability of Kazakhstan’s society as a whole, and each Kazakhstani individually, largely depends on their professionalism.

Objects of professional activity of a social worker:

• government agencies (akimats of all levels, departments of education, culture, youth affairs committees);

• institutions and organizations of social security agencies (centers for the payment of pensions, employment departments and social programs);

• educational institutions (out-of-school institutions, general education schools of all types and levels, boarding schools, orphanages);

• health care institutions (treatment-and-prophylactic, correctional and rehabilitation facilities);

• social service institutions (residential homes for single and elderly citizens, home social assistance departments for children with disabilities, or for single and elderly people);

• correctional and rehabilitation centers, family and children assistance centers;

• juvenile inspectorates, social shelters;

• cultural leisure services (teen clubs, homes for children and young people).




To create favorable conditions for the full development of the individual, to educate and prepare for the future adult life of the younger generation among all the peoples of the world is considered a noble and honorable occupation.

The teacher-psychologist is a practical psychologist, universal psychologist, working in the education system.


Subjects of professional activity of the bachelor of education in the specialty 5B010300 - Pedagogy and psychology are:

• rendering psychological and pedagogical assistance in organizing the pedagogical process in educational institutions;

• prevention of social maladjustment;

• psychological and pedagogical education of parents;

• psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of pupils;

• drawing up psychological and pedagogical conclusions based on research materials aimed at orienting the teaching staff and parents in the problems of the personal and social development of pupils;

• psychological and pedagogical support for gifted children;

• counseling teachers on the practical application of psychology.

Objects of professional activity of the educational psychologist:

• educational psychologist in educational organizations of various types (school, college, etc.);

• teacher of pedagogy and psychology in college;

• educational psychologist in boarding schools, orphanages, correctional and correctional facilities;

• HR manager in personnel departments of various organizations,

• a specialist in administrative bodies;

• a specialist of the employment service, training and retraining.




Graduates of the 6M090500 graduate program - “Social Work” acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively solve social problems at the level of the individual, the social group and society as a whole, implement innovative projects and programs, and intensify the partnership of social actors.

The main task of the educational program:

- ensuring the increased social needs of highly qualified professionals;

- able to apply innovative technologies;

- focused on improving social well-being;

- productively conducting social policies in a rapidly changing social environment;

- owning modern methods of social services management;

- possessing skills: organizing and conducting complex social research; developing social policy programs; development and application of innovative social technologies for solving problems of social protection; counseling;

- those who are able: to diagnose, predict, design and model social processes; to establish interaction and coordination of activities of state, commercial and public organizations in solving social problems on the basis of social partnership; communicate effectively and be a mediator in negotiations and conflict situations.

The Master's diploma in the 6M090500 specialty - “Social Work” gives the right to work in non-state as well as state local government and state authorities, as managers and leading specialists, in the sphere of public-political organizations, business, media as consultants research analysts in research institutes, spheres of social education.

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