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The department "Finance"

General characteristics of "Finance" specialty


The department "Finance" is one of the leading departments and teaching and scientific structural unit of the Faculty of Business of the Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade. The activity of the department is determined by the mission and strategy of the university, reflecting its place in the single educational space of Kazakhstan.

The department "Finance" was created by combining the departments of "Banking" and "Finance" and operates on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council (protocol No. 17 dated 06/26/17), the order of the rector, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Abdymanapov S.А. No. 01-31 / 26 dated July 26, 2017, “On optimizing the organizational structure and changing the staffing of the university”.

The head of the department is a candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Alina Gulzhan Baltabaevna. The educational process in the 2018-2019 school year is carried out by 18 faculty members, including 3 doctors of economic sciences, 9 candidates of economic sciences and 6 senior teachers with an academic master's degree. The degree of teaching staff of the department is 66.7%.

Staff of the faculty of the department: Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the NAS of Kazakhstan RK Seitkasimov GS, Doctor of Economics, Professor Musina Amina Amirzhanovna, Doctor of Economics, Acting Professor Aymurzina Baglan Tolegenovna, Ph.D., and. Associate Professor Kapenova Assemgul Zarlykhanovna, Ph.D., Acting Associate Professor Zhanybaeva Zamzagul Kairatovna, Ph.D., Acting Associate Professor Natalya B. Rubenkova, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Dzhumabekova Almagul Tolegenovna, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Usenbaev Temirbek Musalievich, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Berstembaeva Rysty Kudaibergenovna, Ph.D. .n., Senior Lecturer Toyzhigitova Zhanar Alievna, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Lukpanova Zhanar Oralkhanovna; Masters, senior lecturers Esengeldinova Saltanat Zheksenbaevna, Koibagarova Aliya Zhienbaevna, Alashbaeva Nursulu Muhanbetovna; Master, teacher Kerimkulova Dinara Dzhanbolatovna.

The specialty "Finance" is carried out training for the following levels of education: undergraduate and graduate.

Educational activities are carried out on the basis of the state license - AB No. 0137409 issued on February 3, 2010 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (license annex number 010346 of February 3, 2010 - undergraduate degree, No. 0137409 AB series, license No. 0110350 of February 3, 2010 - magistracy).

Preparation of bachelors in the specialty "Finance" is carried out on the basis of the state compulsory standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazakh and Russian languages for full-time and part-time forms of education based on general, secondary special (college) and higher education.

Standard duration of study:

- With a break from production - undergraduate - 4 years.

- On the job - 2 years (on the basis of higher education), 3 years (on the basis of VET).

Upon graduation, an academic degree is awarded - Bachelor of Economics and Business.

The preparation of undergraduates of the specialty 6M050900 - “Finance” has been carried out since 2008. Duration of training - 2 years (scientific and pedagogical). Since 2009, with a training period of 1 year (specialized) in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

Upon graduation, graduates are awarded an academic degree of Master of Economics and Business in the specialty 6M050900 - Finance (profile) and Master of Economic Sciences in the specialty 6M050900- Finance (research and teaching direction).






Educational trajectories of the specialty "Finance"


Name of the specialty level

Educational trajectory


5В050900 "Finance"


Financial management



6М050900 "Finance"


Financial management

Banking and financial intermediation

“Financial management” - the trajectory is aimed at training specialists with the skills of professional and managerial activity in assessing the production and financial activities of an economic entity in the context of the environment, organizing the cash flows of an enterprise, forming and using capital, cash income and funds necessary to achieve strategic and tactical goals of enterprise development.

“Banking” - a trajectory involving the training of specialists with skills in the development and implementation of a strategy and tactics of credit, deposit, currency, and investment policy; carrying out settlement and cash customer service; able to make non-cash payments using various forms of payment in national and foreign currencies; as well as the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of professional activities; development and implementation of investment projects.

"Banking business and financial intermediation" - the trajectory of the direction to the management, analysis and control over the financial activities of financial and credit institutions; professional activities in the organization and formation of the securities market; the ability to find solutions to typical tasks and to solve non-standard tasks, to work independently on positions that require an analytical approach; to use knowledge of the theory of money, credit, finance, law in their practical activities, to understand the essence of the main phenomena and urgent problems in the management of the financial and credit system; apply forms and methods of financial and legal mechanism for the stable, stable functioning of a system, body, business entity or other activity within the legal field provided for by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international legal norms.

In order to improve the quality of education and fulfill the requirements of the modular educational program, well-known scientists and practitioners with experience in the field of finance and banking are invited.

In 2015, a branch of the Finance Department was opened on the basis of the department of JSC Bank Kassa Nova. For the organization of research work and the creation of appropriate conditions for students in the areas of training bachelors and postgraduate vocational education (master) there is a laboratory of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the prototype of the Tax Committee) aud. No. 305, created in accordance with the cooperation agreement No. NK-151 dated January 25, 2008 between the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KazUEFMT, equipped with INIS software and allows for the actual processing of information used in the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance RK.

The specialty "Finance" actively participates in the National ranking of educational programs.

In the institutional ranking of universities in the areas of training specialists of the NAAR RK 2018 - in the areas of undergraduate "Finance" - 5th place. In the directions of graduate specialty "Finance" - 3 place. In the ranking of universities SPE RK "Atameken" in 2018 KazUEFMT in the specialty "Finance" -20th among 81 universities in Kazakhstan.

In the ranking of NAOCO in 2018 in the areas of undergraduate studies: "Finance" - 5th place, in the areas of magistracy "Finance" - 4th place.

In 2018, the National Rating on Innovations and Academic Excellence (General Rating of Universities according to the version of the Republican Rating Agency of the NAS Higher School of Kazakhstan) is 4th in the bachelor’s degree program, and 2nd in the Master’s areas of Finansy.

According to the results of the 4th International Professional Competition for University Teachers in 2018, 1 place was awarded in the nominations “Design and Methodological Competences” to the textbook “Banking” by a group of authors (edited by Seitkasimov GS) and in the nomination “Competences for the implementation of the educational process” video lectures on discipline "Banking" (developer Musina AA). As part of these achievements, teaching staff of the department, in the ranking of universities participating in the 4th International Professional Competition for University Teachers (TOP-10), took 21st place among 218 universities of KazUEFMT.

The department has more than 25 long-term contracts for training, production, production (pre-diploma) and research practice for students and undergraduates (among them 10 commercial banks, 2 insurance companies, RSU "State Revenue Management in Astana KGD MF RK" Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Republican Budget ", JSC" Economic Research Institute ").

Graduates of the department have established themselves as competent highly qualified specialists working in the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC, Samruk-Kazyna JSC, KazMnayGaz JSC, Kazpost JSC, Kazagrofinance JSC, Astana International Airport JSC , “Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, JSC “National Company“ Food Contracting Corporation ”,“ Tax Department for the Esil District of the Tax Department for Astana, State Administration of Finance of Astana City, State Department “Customs-Astana-Zhala”, RSU “Service Center” The population of Almaty district of Astana city, JSC Astyk Agrofirm, second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, insurance companies and other financial, investment and consulting organizations.

The department in the framework of international cooperation is engaged in the implementation of jointly developed educational programs, agreements concluded between partner universities. For example, in order to study the experience of the University of Kannam on the design of modular educational programs, the Agreement of February 5, 2014 was concluded on the possibility of harmonizing own EPs with these programs and their further use to increase mobility and develop joint double degree programs. double degree between Gangnam University (South Korea and KazUEFMT) ”. Within the framework of the double diploma program, 3 students of the specialty “Finance” graduated from the University of Gangnam (South Korea) Han Ernest, Yun Igor and Tamirzhanova Gulzhihan and received a diploma of the European standard.

In KazUEFMT, purposeful work is underway to integrate into the global educational space. To this end, foreign scholars and practitioners are involved in reading lectures at the undergraduate and graduate programs, our leading teachers are sent for internships to universities in the near and far abroad.

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