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Educational programs

Educational program 6B04104 "World Economy"


Educational program "World Economy" bachelor's degree was approved by the Academic Council of the University on 17.05.2019, registered in the register of educational programs on 2.08.2019.

The purpose of the educational program is to focus on the training of highly qualified international specialists with knowledge and competencies that are in demand for work in the field of the world economy and international relations.

The uniqueness of the program:

Ø Highly qualified teaching staff: the presence of practical work experience in private companies, consulting and research organizations that have the title of "The best teacher of the university".

Ø The only program in Nur-Sultan;

Ø The opportunity to take internships in academic mobility at the Narxoz University and more than 30 foreign partner universities;

Ø The possibility of obtaining a double diploma: KazUEFIT+European University (Spain);

Ø Classes are held in Kazakh/Russian and English.

Field of professional activity:

• International business,

• Foreign economic activity of enterprises, companies, banks and other organizations,

* Economic diplomacy.

Educational program: 8D04103 "Economics"

The purpose of the educational program : The purpose of the educational program is to train highly qualified doctors of philosophy (PhD) in the direction of training 8D041 "Business and Management" in the educational program (OP) "Economics", research teachers who are able to develop and implement innovative ideas in scientific, pedagogical and professional activities in the field of economics, demanded by society, actively contributing to the modernization of the country on a systematic scientific basis.

Uniqueness of the Educational Program:

-Doctoral studies in the specialty "Economics" is part of the continuous educational cycle: bachelor's degree - master's degree - doctoral studies;

- Highly calibrated teaching staff with practical experience in private companies, industrial associations and research organizations;

-To develop research skills, there is an educational and research laboratory "Public-Private Partnership";

European University School, Spain; Gangnam University, South Korea);

- Possibility of obtaining a state grant for training.

Individuality of the Educational Program: academic exchange, multilingualism, practice-oriented training.

Scope of professional activity: Organizational and managerial activities in organizations of any organizational and legal form, in which graduates work as managers, top managers, specialists in change management and the formation of effective business communications; in state and local government bodies - as managers and employees; entrepreneurial and organizational activities in structures in which graduates are entrepreneurs who create and develop their own business; research activities in scientific organizations related to the solution of analytical problems; research and teaching activities in educational organizations of higher education and organizations of additional professional education; analytical activity in scientific and information-analytical centers, experimental and consulting organizations.

Places of employment of graduates: The educational program of PhD doctoral studies is aimed at training scientific and pedagogical personnel, highly qualified specialists, competitive both in the domestic and world labor markets. Places of employment of graduates are higher educational institutions, organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership and branches of the national economy, state and local government bodies, research and experimental consulting organizations, information and analytical centers, Kazakhstani and international design organizations.

Academic degree awarded: "Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)" in OP 8D04103 "Economics"

Partners of the OP: JSC "Institute of Economic Research", LLP "Tabys Audit Consulting", Committee on State Material Reserves of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC "NC "Food Corporation", JSC "Science Fund", LLP "Kazakhstan Institute for Industrial Development", LLP "General Investment Logistics", LLP "Institute for Modern Society Research", LLP "Way of the Sunshine".

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