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The department «Economics” is one of the first department of the university which carries out training of bachelors on specialties 5B050600 Economics on fulltime, part-time and distance educational technology, 5B051300 "World economy" on full-time, 6M050600 - Economics masters is in the specialty on the directions of profile and scientific - pedagogical and also doctoral candidates in the specialty 6D050600 - Economics.

The department was headed by such famous scientists-economists In different years as A.K.Hizhinsky, S.A. Usenov, L.O.Dyomushkina., R.A. Ismailova, N.A. Almerekov, A.H. Galiyeva, G.T.Kaliyeva, A.N. Toksanova, A.H.Galiyeva.   They have made a big contribution to formation of teaching staff of department, the organization of educational and methodical and research work. Candidate of Economics, the Acting professor Batymbet Assem Serykyzy has been heading since January, 2017. 

The skilled teachers having a long standing of scientific and teaching activity work at the department: 6 Doctors of Economics, 10 Candidates of Economic Sciences and 8 masters, 3 doctor of PhD, 8 owners of a rank "The Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution".

The department has been made the first release of graduations with the higher education in full-time and part-time forms of education in 2003. Graduates of department work in public authorities, in the ministries and departments, in the national and private companies, in banking institutions, are engaged in business. In 2010 the department has made the first release of masters in "Economy". In 2016 the department has made the first release of the English group "World economy". It was doctoral studies in the specialty 6D050600 - "Economy" have carried out reception since 2017 in the  department.

Teachers of department carry out active educational and methodical work, applying innovative methods of training, conduct study and also carry out scientific work, take part in scientific and practical in domestic and foreign conferences, publish scientific articles in the Message of the University, article with an impact-factor, articles in Thomson Reuters, and rating magazines of Kazakhstan; participate in scientific projects, programs, examinations in the relevant directions, the financed Ministries and other public authorities, the international funds and the organizations.

Kazakh University of economics, finance and international trade and JSC Kazakhstan Center of Public-private Partnership works Joint laboratory of Public-private partnership at the department "Economics" since December, 2013.

The department pays much attention to research work of students. Under the leadership of teachers of department students actively participate in student's scientific conferences as within the university and also in conferences of other higher education institutions of the city, republic and foreign countries. Students of the releasing department gain not only theoretical knowledge and also receive practical skills at manufacturing enterprises, Such, as in JSC National Company KAZAKH INVEST, Research institute, branch of Institute of the Economic Research etc.

The Economics department takes active part in implementation of the international programs for exchange of students with the following universities:

1. Humanitarian – the economic university in Lodz, Lodz, Poland.

2. State university of management, Moscow, Russia.

3. The Omsk state university after F. M. Dostoyevsky, Omsk, Russia.

4. Ural state economic university Yekaterinburg, Russia

5. Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation,

Kursk, Russia.

6. Istanbul European institute, Istanbul, Turkey

7. Kannamsky University, Yonjin, South Korea

8. EduConcil SPRL Brussels, Belgium

9. Turkish aviation academy, Istanbul, Turkey

10. Baltic international academy

11. Ventspils college university

12. ADAM university, Bishkek financial and economic academy


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