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Bazarbayeva Saule Maratovna

Bazarbayeva Saule Maratovna

Full name teacher: BazarbayevaSauleMaratovna

Academic (academic) status: professor

Academic (academic) degree: doctor of engineering sciences, 05.19.05 (PhD in Technological Sciences), 25.00.36 (Dr.Sci.Tech.), professor on the specialist. "Economy" (No. 0001136 protocol No. 4 of 20.01.2014),

Place of the main operation: Kazakh university of economy, finance and international trade

The given courses: History of the material culture and design, fundamentals of ergonomics, the modern design, the modern materials in design, etc.

Scientific interests: industrial ecology, rational environmental management, finance, technology of skin and fur, environmental protection, ecological education and education, industrial design.

The most significant scientific works (for the last 3 years - no more than 5),

1. Bazarbayeva S. "Design of technologies for recycling industrial waste into micro fertilizers"//IJCSEIERD, IF=5,4829, Index Copernicus=2,4, DEC 2013, P. 9-14.;

2. Bazarbayeva S.M. "Scientific and practical bases of technologies of complex processing of industrial wastes of the Western Kazakhstan"//monograph, Almaty, 365 pages – 2014;

3. Bazarbayeva S. "Removal of sulfur-containing compounds from gas and oil and analysis of desulfurization waste"//International Journal; Vol. 4, Issue 4, Aug 2014, 1-8; ISSN (Print): 2249-6866; E-ISSN: 2250-0065; Impact Factor (JCC): 3.0965; IC value (Index Copernicus): 3.0);

4. Bazarbayeva S.M., Tazhekenova S. "Research of a possibility of application of boron-containing waste as fire-retarding agents"//Bulletin of the Kazakh National pedagogical university of Abay, 2016, page No. 4(50), 66-71;

5. Bazarbayeva S.M., Kulbayeva E. "Research of a possibility of repeated processing of slurry tails of the Rising field//International scientific magazine-application of the Republic of Kazakhstan "SEARCH" No. 1, 2016 of, p. 284-287.

Creative activity:

Professional development (for the last 5 years) or holding personal exhibitions:

1. Moderator of a master class "Modern methods of the tool analysis on devices and reactants of the NASN, USA company", Aktobe, 2013;

2. Moderator of a seminar "Domestic and foreign experience and introduction of innovative technologies in the field of alternative power engineering", 2014;

3. Participation at the Republican exhibition of innovative projects organized by National technological development Agency with assistance of the Ministry of the Industry and the RK new technologies with 2 author's innovative projects for subjects:

- "Organization of production of tanning production with use of innovative technology";

- "Technology of processing of waste of the chemical and oil and gas industry on construction materials", 2015;

4. Participation in a series of online seminars Clarivate Analytics, Seminar of Thomson Reuters "Web of Knowledge Platform", "Journal Citation Reports", "EndNote", on February 13-22, 2017.


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