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Smagulov Sembigali Abzalbekovich

Smagulov Sembigali Abzalbekovich
Education                            higher


ASTAI (Almaty State Institute afterT.Zhurgenov)


AAS (Almaty Art School after Gogol)


1993-1997. Teaching in the Kazakh Academy of Art. Almaty

1984 - Present

Employment in the system of The Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, on taking an active part in shaping the aesthetic appearance of the capital.

1983- Present.

Member of the All-Union, International and foreign, republican exhibitions and symposiums.

His works are in the collection of Governmental Museum of Art after.A.Kasteev,

Kazakhstan Republic President's residence AkOrda, the Museum of Oriental Museum in Moscow after M.Vrubel. Omsk. Russia. The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a number of regional museums of Kazakhstan

2004 - 2009

Chairman of the Board of The Union of Artists of Astana.

personal information

Hardworking, Demanding, is active in public life, plays on dombra, fond of world philosophy and literature

- "Honored worker of Kazakhstan Republic"

-awarded by Medal dedicated for –“10 years of Astana”,

-in 2007. The authors of the monument Kazakh Eli

-awarded by Medal dedicated for –”20 years of Astana”

-high international artists rating 4A (author), Moscow. 2001.

-Honorable professor of Nanjing University of Art. China. 2011.

-Holder of the Golden Order "Chevalier des Arts". Brussels. 2014

-Member of the International Union of international artists. Antwerp. Belgium. 2014.

-Holder the honorary title of "artist of world peace." Beijing. 2013.

-Diplomant of several professional art competitions

-Works included in catalogs such as "Zhiger 98", "Zhiger 2000", "Fine Arts of Kazakhstan On the turn of the century", "the Central House of Artists 97" Moscow. and on super albums: "Fine Arts of Kazakhstan of the XX century", "Anthology of arts of Kazakhstan", "The Edge of realism», «ARTISTS OF KAZAKHSTAN», «Akorda», «Kazakh ornament Space" and "Artists of Astana". Album «SembigaliSmagulov». Encyclopedia of Painting, (2 volume edition) 2017. Encyclopedia "20 years of Astana Chronicles" .2018

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