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Zhumanova Bekarshyn Kimashovna

Zhumanova Bekarshyn Kimashovna

27 March 1962 year. Was born in the countryside Kairat, Ualikhanov district, North-Kazakhstan region.

In 1979 graduated from Kairat High School.

Between 1984 - 1989hasgraduated from  M.Gorky Uralsk State University, Faculty of Economics, with Bachelors degree in Political Economy.

In 1999 defense of the thesis Candidate of Economical Sciences, specialty 08.00.05 -  "Economics and Management of National Economy".

Theme of dissertation: "Improving Efficiency of the Investment Process" / regional aspect /.

In 2002was awarded with the rank of Docent in the specialty "Economics".

In 1989-1992 was an assistant, then Senior lecturer in "Political Economy" ofGorky Kostanay State University.

In 1992 - 2005 was a Head of the Department of "Economics and Management" at A.BaytursynovaKostanay State University.

In 2006 - 2007 Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the "Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics".

In 2007- 2015 Head of the department of "Management and Tourism" at Kazakh University of Technology and Business.

In 2014 established and founded the "Scientific-Methodical center «ZIAT»".

Published more than 120 scientific and methodical works, including 4 monographs, 4 tutorials, recommended by"РУМС".

Member of the "International Academy of Informatization", Professor PAE.

Awarded with"Honorary Diploma" of the "MES RK" (2007yr), Badges, Anniversary Medals of the RK, diploma from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"The Best Teacher of the University" in 2013,form "MES RK", Badge for Lecturer skills "Golden Chair of Russia" in 2015.

Certificate for close cooperation  with "Astana  Academy of Languages" in 2010.

Certificate of Appreciation from the "Kazakh-Japanese Centre" for the quality training at the "Strategic Marketing" seminar in 2009.

The letter of Thanks from the Governor of Astana city in 2015.

BekarshynZhumanova - is a well known expert in the field of Economics and Management.

More than 25 years of lectures in economics, as well as guest lectures in China, Turkey, Russia.

BekarshynZhumanova prepared more than 60 masters in Economics and Management, with the supervision for more than 100 written dissertations.


Development of new educational disciplines, including copyrights:

1.      Kazakhstan's enterance to the World Trade Organization: "Status and Prospects "(author's program of work is done at the request of"Astana Academy of Language" agreed with SHU"Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service";

2.      Professional Pedagogy (author's program designed for teachers of special disciplines for technical and vocational education).

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