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Undergraduate 5b042100 - "Design" has two specializations: architectural design and graphic design. The standard length of study 5 years of full-time education.

The activity of the department is aimed at improving professional skills in the field of graphic and architectural design. The department trains bachelors in the higher education program full-time education. The training focuses on the ability to apply the knowledge gained in the design services market conditions.

The department provides students with the opportunity to undergo training and production practices in publishing for printing enterprises, design offices, and participate in student and international competitions.

Specialization course "Graphic Design" is constructed in such a way that includes all the major genres of professional activity and are aimed at creating competitive design-products in the field of printing, urban advertising. The objects, which are examples of graphic design-products, including various types of printing media, outdoor advertising, supergraphics, computer graphics, easel graphics, industrial graphics.

After graduation students acquire the following competencies:

· Independently put forward the idea of ​​design solutions and advertising printed materials;

· Choose a convincing form of embodiment of the design- project;

· develop a sketch of the layout, as appropriate, to perform in-kind printing and advertising form;

· Embody design ideas with the help of computer graphic editors;

· Know the latest tools, techniques and forms of artistic design, used for printing and advertising purposes.

Specialization course "Architectural Design" is based on the formation of certain professional equipment, including knowledge and skills to develop an integrated design of interior spaces of buildings and individual rooms with the design of their equipment and the objective of filling the artistic design of the architectural and planning framework elements and solutions of complex parts environmental objects open spaces of settlements with the use of varied color, artificial lighting (architectural and artistic), the information and landscape design.

After graduation students acquire the following competencies:

· Nominate architectural and design ideas on the formation of urban environment and human settlements, the interior spaces of natural systems;

· Create architectural and design projects Interior and exterior residential, public and industrial buildings, the spaces of cities and settlements (including square yards of houses, pedestrian sidewalks, roads), garden and park ensembles;

· Develop various options for color-light environment of the city, architectural lighting of buildings and structures;

· Choosing the most effective in terms of design, comfort and safety of building materials and construction

After graduation, our students continue their careers in the leading advertising agencies in Printing, publishing houses, creative workshops, offices. And they have the opportunity to continue their education in magistracy.

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