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The department "Kazakh and foreign languages"

General overview: The department "Kazakh and foreign languages" was created by the order of the rector of the University in July 2007.

The Mission of the Department: Organization of the educational process, scientific and educational work in the aspect of deepening the linguistic preparation of students for all specialties of a bachelor degree and master’s degree Program.

The Faculty consists of 18 members: doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor – 1, Candidates of Philology, associate professors - 2, candidates of pedagogical sciences, the acting associate professors – 1, Candidates of Philology, the senior lecturers – 5, candidates of pedagogical sciences, the senior lecturers – 1, masters, the senior lecturers – 3, masters, lecturers - 4, senior lecturers - 1. The scientific degree of the faculty is 57%.

Scientific interests:

■ cognitive linguistics: mechanisms of interaction between language and thinking, universal and national in language pictures of the world;

■ communicative linguistics and psycholinguistics: language as the instrument of communicative impact and interaction, speech strategy, tactics and genres in various types of the discourse;

■ teaching methods of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages (modern pedagogical paradigm, different ways of presenting learning material, mode of study).

Research work: the research project of the department: "Cognitive and communicative bases of the formation of the polylingual personality" (the research supervisor - Candidate of philological sciences, the acting associate professor Isayeva Zhibek Kayrullinovna).

Professional Development: In order to improve the quality of the knowledge and to provide the academic mobility the lecturers of the department study in foreign universities. For example, the head of the department, the candidate of philological sciences, acting associate professor Isayeva Zhibek Kayrullinovna in 2011 passed the international training according to the program of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, "Mobility of young scientists of the CIS" (Tomsk, Russia).

In 2013 the candidate of philological sciences, the senior lecturer Ospanova Farida Amirbekovna completed the courses in Great Britain under the program "Improvement of pedagogical skills of lecturers of higher education institution" (Norwich, UK).

In 2016 the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Urunbassarova Eleonora Adalovna for the purpose of exchange the experience and according to the program of the scientific project on the subject: "Modernization of social and moral education on the purpose of spiritual and moral development of the students" passed scientific training at Girne American University (Cyprus).

Educational work: annually within the "Decade of Languages" the faculty of the department holds the competitions, contests on the knowledge of the trained languages, competitions of the readers, "round tables" to discuss the issues of polycultural and trilingual education. Within the academic year the lecturers with the students visit the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan, the National Museum RK, Complex of Memory and Sorrow "Algeria", S.Seifullin House Museum, Kazakh and Russian drama theaters, cinemas, etc. As the result the students write an essay.

All activities of educational character, systematically carried out by the department, aimed at the formation of key professional competencies of future professionals in a multicultural society.

The faculty of the department conducts scientific and methodical work to improve the educational process and the use of interactive methods to teach students Kazakh, to Russian and foreign languages.

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