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Specialty 5В050600 "Economics" (bachelor's degree)

The purpose of the educational program is to train a specialist who must have a set of specific theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to solving economic and organizational problems, applying modern technologies, processing information, and making decisions in a dynamic environment. Have sufficient theoretical training to solve practical problems and problems in non-standard situations, conditions of uncertainty and risk. The bachelor should be practically prepared for creative, active professional and social activities, for the qualitative fulfillment of practical tasks within the framework of economic and other administrative functions, to have a theoretical understanding of the principles of the organization of production, the laws of the development of society, the economic behavior of people, in the process of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of material goods and services.

Sphere of professional activity
• The real sector of the economy,

• international Business,

• financial and banking system,

• business and entrepreneurship

Objects of professional activity:
Organizations and firms, regardless of their type of activity, size, ownership and categories of participants (residents and non-residents of the RK), organization of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, various levels of general education organizations (gymnasiums, colleges) and research institutes.

5В051300 «World Economy» (bachelor's degree)

Specialty 5В051300 - The world economy is aimed at the professional training of bachelors in the fundamentals of the humanities, social, economic, mathematical sciences, obtaining a higher professional profiled education that allows the graduate to successfully work in the foreign economic sphere of activity, to have general cultural professional and subject-specific competences that promote his social mobility and stability in the labor market. Preparation of qualified specialists in the field of the world economy and international economic relations, capable of theoretical and analytical perception of economic processes at the national and supranational levels and the practical implementation of foreign economic activity, by forming a system of general theoretical and professional knowledge and skills that ensure competitiveness in the labor market.
Sphere of professional activity
• The real sector of the economy,
• international Business,
• financial and banking system,
• business and entrepreneurship

Objects of professional activity
Government bodies, enterprises and organizations, regardless of the type of activity, size or form of ownership, educational institutions and research institutes and organizations, individuals and societies, complex knowledge of specialists of this profile in foreign trade, monetary, investment, production, financial, etc. The spheres of economics, both national and international, form the potential for employment of graduates at all levels of activity in enterprises and companies of various economic, banking, trade, investment, monetary, transport, insurance, customs, administrative, and other fields.

6M050600 - "Economics".
Areas of professional activity:
• addressing key scientific and managerial, financial, economic, marketing problems functioning of the enterprise;
• Efficient use of resources: human, financial, time;
• handling large sets of scientific information to work independently with its various sources;
• use of computer technology for solving professional problems;
• processing of scientific information, analysis and interpretation of them based on available statistical and accounting data.

Doctoral studies 6D050600 "Economy":

directions of professional activity:

• planning and realization of process of scientific research;

• planning, coordination and realization of process of scientific research;

• participation in scientific actions, fundamental scientific domestic and international projects;

• the carrying out independent scientific research which is characterized by the academic integrity on the basis of modern theories and methods of the analysis;

• development of the critical analysis, assessment and comparison of various scientific theories and ideas, analytical and experimental scientific activity;

• knowledge acquisition in the field of scientific and scientific and pedagogical activity in the conditions of fast updating and growth of information streams.

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