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Faculty of Applied sciences

Dear visitors!

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade!

We train specialists in the most demanded specialties, programs that are in steady demand in the labor market. The faculty is developing dynamically, improving the content of educational programs and material and technical base.

By becoming our student, you will lay the foundation for your future successful career!


Bachelor's Degree Programs

1) Information Systems

2) Information Technologies and Data Protection

3) Marketing

4) Customs affairs

5) Social work

6) Tourism


Master's Degree Programs

1) Information Systems

2) Marketing

3) Social work

Training is carried out on the basis of state educational grants, grants of local executive bodies, on a fee basis.

The faculty consists of 89 professors, 60% of whom have doctoral and PhD degrees.

The department has four departments:

1) Information Systems and Technology,

2) International Trade and Law,

3) Social Work and Tourism,

4) Social and Humanitarian disciplines.

The Faculty has 4 research laboratories, a scientific school in the field of "Intelligent information technology - Smart technologies in scientific and electronic educational processes".

There are realized scientific projects: financed from the republican budget, the international project within the Erasmus+ program, EDUQAS.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences annually holds international scientific and practical conferences, seminars.


Achievements of students at the national level:

•              In the XIII Republican Subject Olympiad on the educational program 6B06103- "Information Systems" – the 1st place was taken by Bekzat Samatov, a second-year student (Karaganda, April 7-8, 2021).

•              In the interuniversity competition of research papers of students in the natural sciences and humanities Sadenova A. received a Diploma of I degree (EP "Tourism", November 2020, Nur-Sultan);

•              Zhanabergenova A. received a Diploma of III degree (EP "Tourism", November 2020, Nur-Sultan) in the Interuniversity competition of research papers of students in the natural sciences and humanities;

•              In the Republican contest of research papers among students of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan students of "Marketing" Aldabergen E., Omralinova D. took the third place (2020).

Students participate in international and national scientific conferences, have publications in domestic and foreign editions

In the process of training, students have an internship in IT centers, commercial banks, government agencies, large joint-stock companies, national and international companies, ministries and departments of Kazakhstan.

Students have the opportunity to participate in academic mobility programs, double degrees, international student exchange programs, to undergo foreign internships at leading universities.

Students actively participate in sports and cultural events, play KVN, win Olympiads and other creative competitions.

Employment of 2020 graduates is 92.6% on average, which exceeds the national average employment rate and indicates a good level of training. The competencies acquired during the years of training allow you to quickly find a good job and build a successful career.


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