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Faculty of Applied sciences

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Thank you for your interest towards the activities of the Applied Sciences Department of Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade!

Our department is one of the youngest in the University’s system. The department is developing dynamically, improving the content of educational programs and its material and technical base. Even today, we are training highly-qualified experts in 8 sought-after specialties which enjoy stable demand in the labor market.

On our site you will find all the information that might interest you. By becoming our student, you will lay groundwork for your future successful career!

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Applied Sciences (hereinafter-Faculty of Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade was established on May 1, 2014 by the order of the President of University №01-030/30dated April 30,2014.

The Faculty consists of 4 Departments:

1)      «Design»;

2)      «Social Services and Tourism»;

3)      «Information Systems and Technologies»; 

4)      «International Trade and Law».

Teaching is delivered based on 9 Undergraduate’s and 2 Master’s programs:

1) Undergraduate programs:

·     5В042100 – «Design»;

·     5В090500 – «Social Work»;

·     5В090200 – «Tourism»;

·     5В090400 – «Social-cultural Service»;

·     5В010300 – «Pedagogy and Psychology»;

·     5В070300 – «Informational Systems»;

·     5В070400 – «Computing Technology and Software»;

·     5В051100 – «Marketing»;

·     5В030400 – «Custom Service».

2) Master’s programs:

·     6M090500 – «Social work»;

·     6M070300 – «Information systems».

Facultyincludes110highly-qualifiedinstructors, including 11 Doctors of Sciences, 1 Honorable Luminary of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 30 Candidates of Sciences, 6 PhDs and 43 Masters. The instructors regularly participate in international scientific conferences, symposiums and receive international grants.

Material and technical outfitting of classrooms is in compliance with modern requirements for teaching process. All venues of training are equipped with necessary package of teaching and educational aids for all the general and major disciplines.

Preserving our best traditions, the Department strives to conform to the modern standards of European education. Educational process utilizes advanced technologies and principles of study, new educational methods (interactive play methods, modern computer programs, etc.), means to incite an interest of students to study (contests, exhibitions, workshops, academic competitions, conferences, etc.).

Students’ population of the Faculty in 2018-2019 academic year is 900 persons. The Faculty supports conditions for students’ comprehensive and creative development.

An extent of methodical support of nurture process complies with the modern requirements for expert training. During the academic year, various cultural and sports events are being hosted for the students.

The Faculty prides itself on achievements in the field of sports, arts and public life. Among our students there are 17 winners of academic competitions, 40 winners and awardees of sports competitions, and 3 prize winners of international contests.

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