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Faculty Of Business and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management was established in 2017 as a result of the merger of the faculties "Economics" and the faculty of postgraduate education.

The faculty is headed by PhD, c.e.s., professor G.Ukubasova.

The faculty trains specialists in the financial and economic sphere, in the fields of accounting and audit, finance, assessment, statistics, economics, the world economy, management, marketing, state and local government and customs.

Our graduates works all over Kazakhstan, many of them are top and middle managers.

The faculty prepares graduates in the following bachelor's specialties:

• 5В050600-Economy

• 5В050700-Management

• 5В050800-Accounting and Audit

• 5В050900-Finance

• 5В051000-State and local government

• 5В051100-Marketing

• 5В051200-Statistics

• 5В051300-World Economy

• 5В030400-Customs

• 5В090800-Evaluation


• 6M050600-Economy

• 6M050700-Management

• 6M050800-Accounting and Auditing

• 6M050900-Finance

• 6M051000-State and local government

• 6M051200-Statistics

Since 2017 KazUEFMT has been training PhD doctors in Economics and Management.

There are 4 departments in the faculty:

Department "Economics" carries out graduation in the specialties "Economics", "World Economy".

Department "Finance" carries out the issue on the specialty "Finance" educational trajectory - "Taxes and taxation", "Financial Management" and "Banking".

The department "Accounting and Audit" carries out graduation in the specialties "Accounting and Audit", "Evaluation", "Statistics".

Department "Management and Marketing" carries out graduation in the specialties "Management", "State and local administration", "Marketing", "Customs business".

High quality of training is provided by a qualified faculty. A rich scientific and pedagogical potential, known not only within the Republic, but also abroad. The authority of the faculty is the achievement of the whole team of teachers and students.

At the moment about 1200 students and undergraduates study at the faculty.

The educational process is built on the basis of a modular educational program and involves the selection of an educational trajectory, and this allows the most complete and deep study of the specialty features.

Grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan are given to gifted students. A state program of concessional lending is possible, aimed at supporting students from socially unprotected strata of the population who study in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Preferential educational loans are issued under the guarantee of the Financial Center, the agent bank is JSC "ForteBank".

 Graduates of the university are given a state-recognized diploma recognized in the CIS countries and abroad.

Graduates of the University are employed in the Ministries and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, commercial banks, state institutions, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships. All of them have proved themselves as competent highly qualified specialists, in demand in many sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, at enterprises engaged in the development and implementation of software and information technologies in design and engineering organizations.

Students of the faculty take an active part in sports, cultural events of the city and the Republic.

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