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“WELCOME” Project

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I WELCOME project summary *

The goal of this project is to strengthen the international direction of the activities of universities in Kazakhstan and China by introducing strategic and marketing methods to attract foreign students, teachers and researchers.

Official site of the project -

Project implementation time: 2016 - 2019

The project partners are:

1. Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain -

2. Beihang University, People's Republic of China -

3. NARXOZ University, Kazakhstan -

4. Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade, Kazakhstan -

5. Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden -

6. Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov, Kazakhstan -

7. Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia -

8. Tongji University, People's Republic of China -

9. University of Lisbon, Portugal -

10. University of Rovira and Virgil, Spain -

11. University of Perpignan - Via Domitia, France-

II WELCOME project plan*



III WELCOME Trainings *

In the period from April 16 to 20, 2018, a training on the WELCOME project was held at the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden (Stockholm). The training was devoted to the practice of KTH in the development of internationalization, adaptation of foreign students and teachers, there were also presentations by representatives of Tallinn Technical University and the Higher Technical Institute (Lisbon).

The trainers were employees of various structures and departments, including the university administration.

On April 19, a project meeting was held within the framework of which the issues of creating a portal to attract foreign students, discussion of a report on Quality, creation of international centers at universities in Kazakhstan and China were discussed. The order of meetings and holding of national and international conferences on dissemination of information was also discussed.

As a result of the meeting, group work, discussion of presentations and a tour of the campus were also carried out. At the final session, all participants were awarded with certificates.



From 4 to 7 June 2018, at the Tallinn Technical University TUT (Estonia), a training was held on the internationalization of higher education with the participation of representatives of the Higher Technical Institute (Portugal), Beihan University (PRC), Tongzi University (PRC) of the Project partners. The Republic of Kazakhstan at the training was represented by the Eurasian National Institute named after L.N. Gumilyov, Karaganda State Medical University and Narxoz University.

The training program included presentations by TUT representatives, in which modern problems of science, marketing and marketing policy, international cooperation and internationalization were presented. In addition, TUT representatives shared their experience in the field of personnel management, the system of its promotion and motivation, and support for international students.

The role of the international department in the overall internationalization of the university, the implementation of strategic goals and policies in 2010-2018, and the promotion of its products to the market were separately considered.

During the discussion on the results of the presentations, the training participants shared their experience in planning and implementing an internationalization strategy in the framework of student exchange.

The program ended with a project meeting on the progress of the platform development and consideration of the WP status of the project. At the end of the training, all participants were given certificates.

Tallinn University of Technology is one of the largest universities in Estonia and the country's leading technical university. Interdisciplinary educational programs and research programs allow it to successfully meet market demands and compete with leading universities of a similar profile.


From 19 to 23 November 2018, a workshop was held at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya to prepare a strategic plan for the internationalization of the university. Within the framework of this workshop, all participants in practice built a common strategy for internationalization, which can later be used in building their own strategies.

The workshop was conducted by coaches Vicens Fernandez and Eva Gaillardo. Vicens was developing a strategy with Kazakh partners when Eva was developing a strategy with Chinese partners.

Project meetings were held on November 21, where financial issues, portal development, work of international centers, training, conferences on dissemination of information, quality assurance and sustainability of the project were discussed.

Also, within the framework of the training, there was a theoretical part of developing an internationalization strategy, and excursions around the campus, to the international office and the center for international students.

At the end, all participants were awarded certificates of participation.







From May 29 to June 2, on the basis of the Technical Institute of Lisbon (Portugal), a training was held on the internationalization of higher education with the participation of universities from partner countries.

The training program included master classes, discussions, as well as presentations by representatives of universities in Portugal, Spain, Sweden, France and Estonia.

The presentations of the participating universities were held on the following topics: "Policy and strategy of internationalization", "Strategic planning", "Support service", "Mobility and cooperation", "International rankings", "Dual diploma and employment", "Exchange programs / summer schools ".

The participants shared their experience in planning and implementing an internationalization strategy, activities in the framework of the exchange of teaching staff, students, and conducting trainings for university staff. In addition, the importance of ratings and the idea of ​​involving all employees in the internationalization process for the effective operation of universities was noted.

The program ended with the final reports of the participants on the topics covered in the framework of internationalization. At the end of the seminar, all participants were given certificates.

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International Conference:
"Internationalization of higher education institutions"
In the project's boundaries:
"WELCOME: Towards International University Communities",
sponsored by Erasmus +

From 8 to 12 December 2017, an international conference on internationalization was held as part of the WELCOME project sponsored by ERASMUS +. The conference was held on the basis of the leading Chinese University of Tongzi, located in the economic center of China - the city of Shanghai. As part of the rich program of the conference, the problems and prospects of the development of the internationalization process were considered, and specific measures were considered to improve the level of internationalization of Chinese and Kazakh partner universities, the international practices of leading foreign partner universities were presented and studied.

On December 8, the first project meeting was held during which issues regarding the financial part of the project were settled and considered by the financial manager of the project, the representative of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Tony Florencio. Discussions were held on such issues as the problem of disseminating information about the project, sustainability and quality of project implementation.

On December 9, the official opening of the conference was held with the participation of the distinguished Professor Shu Guanming, Vice Rector of Tongzi University, as well as Ms. Yu Jin, the institutional project coordinator at the university. The techniques, methods and comparative analysis of international practices in terms of the level of internationalization were presented by Ms. Li Ying, Deputy Director of the International Department of Beihang University (Beijing, China). In the context of the WELCOME project, Anna Aganta Lucas, coordinator of international programs at IST University (Lisbon, Portugal), spoke. On the part of the Kazakh partners, Miss Saule Kassymova, Director of the International Department of the Karaganda State Medical University, made a presentation on the Internationalization of Higher Education in Kazakhstan.

December 10 was devoted to the speeches of representatives of partner universities, including from KazUEFIT, as well as round tables.

Miss Laura Lerga - Project Manager of the University of Rovira and Verhilia (Spain) with a presentation on Systematic Improvement of the University by Internationalization.

Miss Madli Crispin - Project Manager at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) with a talk Internationalization at Tallinn University of Technology.

Miss Shinar Imangaliyeva - Director of the Department of International Relations of Narxoz University with a report Internationalization both within the country and abroad in the context of student-oriented policy of Kazakhstani universities.

3 round tables were held.

1) Online tools and resources. How to assess the level of internationalization of a university? Moderator Professor Vincent Fernandez.

During the round table, a presentation was made by our alma mater - KazUEFIT on behalf of the leading IT specialist, PhD Professor Serik Altynbek on the topic: "Online resources and tools as ways to increase the level of internationalization of universities."

2) The future of student support centers with a focus on internationalization. Moderator Miss Sabina Mendygazieva (ENU).

3) How to train faculty and staff to achieve the highest level of university internationalization? Moderator Miss Laura Lerga.

On December 11, a final project meeting was held, during which the results and results of the international conference were summed up, and further directions for achieving and implementing the set goals and objectives of the project were determined.


On October 18 at 15.00 on the basis of the Karaganda State Medical University, a consultation meeting with project teams was organized by the national coordinator of the Erasmus + program in Kazakhstan, Mrs. Sh.U. Tasbulatova

During the consultation meeting, the main difficulties and problems in the management of the WELCOME project, ways of solving them, the main stages of the project, the organization of an opening meeting for new projects were discussed. At the end of the consultation meeting, the project representatives had the opportunity to personally ask questions to the national coordinator of the Erasmus + program in Kazakhstan Sh.U. Tasbulatova.

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IV WELCOME project materials*

Towards incoming international university communities


Work packages

Conference in Shanghai_V06

Programme Project Meeting in Shanghai

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