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Alumni Association

Today KazUEFIT - the University, which is the leading economic  university of the republic, is  well-deserved authority among Kazakhstani and foreign universities. However, graduates receive not only a quality education that meets international standards, they preserve and increase the traditions of Alma Mater. And this is largely due to contribute, the Alumni Association of KazUEFIT, which is being created at the University. The Alumni Association is a beneficial foundation for maintaining ties with the university, sharing experience, realizing the professional, scientific and creative potential of graduates. Membership in the Association guarantees an indestructible relationship with Alma mater, the opportunity to always be aware of the current activities of the university.

We are proud of every graduate and are invited to join the friendly family of KazUEFIT!





Dear Graduate!

To date, the number of graduates of KazUEFIT is 12,951. Many of you in one way or another are connected with the University and are involved in its activities. We invite all graduates of KazUFIT to the Association!

The Association objectives are:

• The implementation of projects for KazUEFIT development as a leading educational, research and scientific center;

• The strengthening the prestige of the university in Kazakhstan and international space;

• The consolidation and support of students and graduates;

• The assistance to the members of the Alumni Association in maintaining friendly relations between them, in strengthening their contacts with KazUEFIT;

•The  increasing the effectiveness of the intellectual potential of graduates, assistance in training and retraining of highly qualified personnel in demand on the labor market;

•The strengthening the corporate spirit among students and graduates of all generations, preserving the unity of values and interests of KazUEFMT community;

• The supporting business ideas and graduate projects, assisting them in the development and promotion of young brands, including through the provision of preferential participation.

Directions of the Association:

• Organization of the annual KazUEFIT Day

• Conducting business events - forums, conferences

• Scientific work - round tables, scientific conferences

• Conducting cultural events - anniversary meetings, exhibitions, concerts

• Sporting events

• Publishing

• Charity and other socially-oriented activities.


        At the first organizational meeting, Tastemir Akulan was appointed as a Chairman of the Alumni Association of KazUEFIT. Graduate of the year 2015. specialty “State and local administration” and currently he is the chief specialist of the “Youth Policy Department” of Astana Akimat.

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