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Dear friends!

I greet everyone with a happy new academic year 2021-2022! We are starting a new academic year under the guidance of a new founder, which is very important for the further development of our university.

As the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K-Zh. K. Tokayev noted in the Address to the People of Kazakhstan "Unity of the people and systemic reforms are a solid foundation for the development of the country" dated September 01, 2021, "we must be ready for any challenges and threats, act strictly and always move forward."

Moving forward, the university with a new founder has set a rather ambitious, but still practical task - to become an innovation-oriented university.

Today we are in the TOP 10 of the best Kazakh universities in the social and humanitarian field! Our aspiration is dictated by the priorities of state policy, global trends and aspects of our own development.

The course to support economic sciences at the university continues, but the consistent modernization of the sphere of services provided and the education system is dictated by the realities of life: in the new economic conditions, attention is focused on digital educational resources, internationalization, double-degree education, three languages. In addition to educational programs of an economic profile, the University actively trains the most in-demand IT specialists, social workers, specialists in the field of tourism in the labor market.

A solid creative team of teachers allowed us to create not only bachelor's and master's degrees, but also PhD doctors at our university. Those who wish have the opportunity, if desired, to continue their studies and receive postgraduate education.

A distinctive and winning feature of the university is the functionality of the International Business School (IBS), based on the EesU which provides training in MBA, DBA and professional development programs in cooperation with the European University (Switzerland).

International activity is a priority in the development of EsU. By maintaining partnerships with foreign universities, the university expands the horizons of its scientific and creative self-realization.  Practical steps are being taken to implement academic mobility and dual degree education.  This means that each of you can study here for 2 years, then 1 or 2 years to study abroad (in South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and other partner institutions) - as a result you can get 2 diplomas: our and foreign. You have the opportunity to study on an Erasmus Credit Mobility Grant at Europe's best universities!

Our undergraduates and doctoral students regularly practice abroad.

We try to keep up with the times! Don't lose your thirst for knowledge! The desire for new knowledge should be constant, not only when studying at the university, it must be passed through a lifetime!

You will have a difficult, but also interesting path together with excellent teachers, famous scientists, professionals in their field.

Grow, strive to learn new things, move only forward!

Good luck to you!

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