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The applicant of 2017

10 reasons to choose KazUEFIT

1. KazUEFIT is the leading higher educational institution of economic profile, located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan 

2. The University has passed national and international accreditation, in a number of specialties includes TOP-3 according to the results of the national rating of universities in Kazakhstan 

3. KazUEFIT is a multi-level education: it includes 67 educational programs on 15 bachelor's specialties, 8 master's degrees, MBA, DBA 

4. Full-time, distance learning, distance learning based on state educational grants, paid basis, grants of local executive bodies. Flexible Tuition Fees 

5. Strong faculty. Quality education in Kazakh, Russian, English 

6. A unique opportunity to communicate with leading scientists, business experts of large national and foreign companies, heads of state bodies, business owners 

7. In the process of training students practice in IT centers, banks of Astana, in large national and international companies 

8. High demand for graduates: acquired competences for years of training allow them to quickly find a good job and build a successful career 

9. Students have the opportunity to participate in programs of double diplomas, foreign internships, in the international student exchange program 

10. KazUEFIT signed the Memorandum with the European University (Switzerland) in 2012 and has the exclusive right to jointly prepare the MBA and DBA with the diploma of the European University

Since January 2016, KazUEFMT is the basic institution for receiving UNT and CT (complex testing).

We remind you: UNT is held for graduates of schools this year, CT for graduates of schools of past years and graduates of technical and vocational education (TVE) organizations. The rules of UNT and CT can be found on the website of our university:

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