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Application of dean`s office and faculty


This is a questionnaire designed to reveal opinions of students about quality of operations of dean’s office and the faculty. Please try to answer honestly and accurately. Choose answer which mostly correspond to your opinion and indicate it. Questionnaire survey is anonymous.


1.    Do you know your dean?

1.1 Yes(please, indicate his/her full name)__________________________________________

1.2 I know my dean, but I don’t know his/her full name

1.3. No

2.    Do you know your Deputy Dean?

1.1 Yes (please, indicate his/her full name)__________________________________________

1.2Iknowthe vice-dean, but I don’t know his/her full name

1.3 No

3. What are the matters on which you have addressed to the dean’s office? (you can make several choices):

3.1  to obtain proof of student status

3.2  in case of social and welfare problems in dormitory

3.3  in case of conflict swith Lecturers

3.4. on call from dean’s office officers

3.5. other(please, indicate)_____________________________________________

4. Please, rate the quality of academic, research and educational work organization by the Dean’s Office

4.1 good



4.4. no answer

5. Please, describe your interaction with the dean of faculty





5.1.Availability (for students)

5.2. Activity(frequency of meetings initiated by him/her)

5.3. Efficiency (solves students’ problems)

6. In the course of the works, the dean tries to avoid conflicts with students and is able to settle conflicts constructively (with benefits)


6.2. No

6.3.No answer

7.In the course of interrelations with students, the dean is

7.1.adequate and consistent

7.2. violent and quick-tempered

7.3.No answer

8.Please, rate the comfort level of psychological environment at faculty in whole

8.1. favorable

8.2. encourages cooperation

8.3.hinder cooperation



9. Your proposals on improvement of operations of the dean’s office and the faculty ______________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you!

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