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Application for Employers

Dear employer!

We would like to ask you to answer the following questions, because we hope that your opinion will help us to improve the quality of our undergraduates and master studentsyour future employees.


Some questions require detailed answers, replying to them, enter the answer in the space provided for this purpose; some questions require you to select a response that corresponds to your opinion (in this case, simply circle the letter that indicates the desired answer); Questions Nos. 8 and 10 involve further assessment on your part (circle the item expressing your assessment).


1. What is the name of the company that you represent? _____________________________________



2. Please,  indicate your position ____________________________________________________


3. Do KazUEFIT students come to your company to do practical training (internship)?

A) Yes, often

B) Yes, but rarely

C) No


4. Does any graduate of KazUEFIT work in your company ?

A) Yes, only in the specialty awarded

B) Yes, but not in specialty

C) No


5. Please rate the overall level of theoretical and practical training of our graduates working at your company

A) knowledge and skills are sufficient to immediately join the professional activity and enough to successfully carry out professional assignments

B) have sufficient knowledge and skills to independently deal with the professional assignments by spending not too much time for adapting to work conditions

C) Possess the minimum storage of theoretical knowledge, but are unable to adapt to work conditions without the support of a tutor and to independently carry out professional assignments in the beginning

D) after employment your graduates again need to learn a lot

D) I cannot rate now


6. What, in your opinion, is the main drawback of professional training obtained at KazUEFIT?

A) I can't clearly express my opinion now

B) insufficient level of knowledge

C) insufficient level of practical skills in the primary specialty

D) low socio-psychological competence, insufficient knowledge and practical skills in the field of management sociology and psychology, communicating and working with people

E) insufficient level of knowledge in economic analysis of economic and financial activities

F) low legal competence, insufficient knowledge of labour law, commercial law, etc.

G) Inability to think independently, to act proactively in addressing the professional and other assignments

H) Other (specify) _________________________________________________________________________


7. Please rate the extent to which the following personal qualities and abilities are required, in your opinion, for young experts-the University graduates


Select an option

Answer options

It is necessary

It is desirable

It is not necessary

A) ability to adapt in a flexible manner in the changing life and professional conditions to solve independently emerging professional and life complexities




B) independently, to think critically, to be able to see the professional problems and solve them using modern technology and to look for ways of their rational decisions




C) Competently work with information (collect information required to solve certain problems , analyze them, formulate hypotheses of their decisions, do the necessary synthesis and comparisons, establish statistical patterns, make reasoned conclusions and be able to publicly present and protect them)




D) be communicative,  cooperative with representatives of various social groups, be able to work together to prevent or resolve conflict situations





8. Does your company/organization collaborate with academic units of the University?

A) It is supported only at the official level through the Rectorate

B) It is supported at the official level, both through the Rectorate and directly with the Deans of the faculties/heads of departments

In) we cooperate with the heads and teaching staff of departments

G) we cooperate only with laboratories and R&D groups of the University

D) we do not support permanent relations with KazUEFIT and its educational units


9. How would you rate, in general, the quality of the graduates of KazUEFIT?

A) excellent

B) good

C) satisfactory

D) unsatisfactory

E) difficult to answer


10 What are your suggestions to improve the quality of teaching the students of KazUEFIT ___________





Thank you for your participation!


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