General information

International Business School is a subdivision of the Institution "Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade" and created on the basis of business school of KazEU after T.Ryskulov. International Business School founded in order to create a new body of highly qualified professionals in the fields of economy, training of professional managers who have a broad outlook and ability to conduct business in order to achieve success, improve management skills, people involved in the activities of organs, organizations and institutions of public and private management .

International Business School is a dynamic, licensed educational institution in the field of business education, which uses a modern approach to the methodology and the quality of business education.

The list of our partners consist of local educational institutions and abroad. Our cooperation with international partners such as European University, Swiss business school, Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov gives our students the opportunity to receive not only education and diploma corresponding to the highest international standards, but also meet the highest requirements of the modern world.

IBS in the educational process involves representatives of the business community and the best teachers of the leading higher educational institutions of the republic and abroad.

Our graduates acquire the bright prospects of future career, systematizing and deepening their knowledge and skills with the help of teachers and high-level experts.

Education in international business school is:

• prestigious awards and international school certificates;

• individual approach to each student;

• team of highly professional business coaches, who are the authors and developers of training programs.

• a wide range of programs offered;

• the most advanced knowledge and skills, useful and interesting new contacts with the course students.

• individual approach to the needs of each company.

• The main distinguishing feature - Work with internal resources of human (skills, values, beliefs), which allows in the course of training, not only to shape the skills and increase the motivation to use them, but also to increase professional confidence, a positive attitude and job satisfaction in the company.

For any questions please contact:

Str. Orynbor 8, "House of Ministries", 3 entrance, 2nd floor

contact numbers: 50-24-22, 50-24-68 fax 50-24-06

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