State University named after Shakarim (Semey) is a type of multi-classical European university. Based on the zoo-veterinary, technological, educational and financial institutions, the university has managed to preserve and increase the traditions of high school and became a cultural, educational and scientific center of the North-Eastern region of Kazakhstan. In order to implement the basic parameters of the Bologna Process at the State University named after Shakarim implemented the program of academic mobility. To expand academic mobility State University named after Shakarim of Semey invites students of KazUEFIT to study in the 2015-2016 academic year.


5B060700 - Biology

5B060800 - Ecology

5B073100 - Life safety and environmental protection

5B080100 - Agronomy

5B080200 - Technology of production of livestock products

5B080300 - Hunting study and fur farming

5B080700 - Forest resources and forestry

5B120100 - Veterinary medicine

5V120200 - Veterinary Sanitation

5B030100 - Jurisprudence

5B050400 - Journalism

5B050600 - Economy

5B050800 - Accounting and Auditing

5B050900 - Finance

5B051000 - State and local government

5B020300 - History

5B011500 - Basics of Law and Economics

5B050300 - Psychology

5B050200 - Politics

5B011700 - Kazakh language and literature

5B012100 - Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning

5B011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages

5B020500 - Philology: Kazakh language

5B021000 - Foreign philology

5B010100 - Preschool training and education

5B010200 - Pedagogy

5B010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology

5B010700 - Arts and Drawing

5B010600 - Music Education

5B012000 - Vocational training

5B042100 - Design

5B011600 - Geography

5B011200 - Chemistry

5B011300 - Biology

5B010800 - Physical culture and sport

5B010400 - Basic military training

5B010900 - Mathematics

5B011000 - Physics

5B060400 - Physics

5B011100 - Informatics

5B060200 - Informatics

5B070200 - Automation and Control

5B070300 - Information Systems

5B070100 - Biotechnology

5B070400 - Computers and software

5B071100 - Geodesy and Cartography

5B071200 - Mechanical Engineering

5B071700 - Thermal Engineering

5B072000 - Chemical technology of inorganic substances

5B072100 - Chemical technology of organic substances

5B072300 - Technical Physics

5B072400 - Technological machinery and equipment (by fields)

5B072600 - Technology and design of light industry products

5B072700 - Technology of food products

5B072800 - Technology of processing productions (on branches)

5B072900 - Construction

5B073000 - Production of building materials, products and structures

5B073100 - Life safety and environmental protection

5B073200 - Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)

5B090100 - Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation


6M010300 - Pedagogy and Psychology

6M010900 - Mathematics

6M011000 - Physics

6M 011100 - Computer

6M 011200 - Chemicals

6M 011300 - Biology

6M011400 - History

6M011500 - Basics of Law and Economics

6M 011 600 - Geography

6M011700 - Kazakh language and literature

6M020300 - History

6M020500 - Philology (Kazakh, Russian)

6M050300 - Psychology

6M050600 - Economy

6M050700 - Management

6M050800 - Accounting and Auditing

6M050900 - Finance

6M051000 - State and local government

6M060100 - Mathematics

6M060600 - Chemistry

6M060700 - Biology

6M060800 - Ecology

6M070100 - Biotechnology

6M070200 - Automation and Control

6M071200 - Mechanical Engineering

6M071700 - Thermal Engineering

6M072300 - Technical Physics

6M072400 - Technological machines and equipment

6M072700 - Technology of food products

6M072800 - Technology of processing industries

6M073200 - Standardization and Certification

6M073500 - Food safety

6M120100 - Veterinary Medicine

6M120200 - Veterinary Sanitation

6M080100 - Agronomy

6M080200 - Technology of production of livestock products

6M090800 - Evaluation

6M060200 - Informatics

For any questions contact the academic mobility department.

Tel: 27-85-71 (ext. 161)

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