Publishing and printing center

Created in 2007, the publishing and printing center is a structural subdivision of the University without the right to a legal entity.

The purpose of the Center for Education is to provide the educational process with necessary books and printed materials, and replenish the library fund.

Publishing - is one of the priorities of the university - is carried out on the basis of its own printing. Center is a full cycle of book and magazine production on the basis of pre-printing and finishing equipment, specializing in the production of textbooks, educational and methodical and scientific literature in economics. Publishing holds purposeful work on the publication of books that meet international standards. Professorial-teaching staff of the University produces modern economic literature on accounting and auditing, finance and banking, management and marketing, computer science, social and other sciences.

The results of the research work of scientists published in the scientific journal, Proceedings of the international and republican scientific-practical conferences, monographs, the Journal of the University.

Our publications because of its actual content, printing quality and good design have received a wide response and demand among economics universities of the country.

Publisher is equipped with modern printing equipment. Available technology enables CPI to produce printed products in a wide range - from short-run brochures to fundamental works, providing high quality printing performance.

Based on the principle of "staff decides everything", the university administration has invested in a lot of effort in the creation of a stable team of highly workable staff.

The publisher has a team of highly qualified professionals, experienced publishers and printers, successfully uses in their work the latest technological developments and techniques.

The head of the publishing and printing center is Omarova Horlan Gabdullovna, creatively oriented high-class professional.

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