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1. JSC "Insurance company "ASKO"

Insurance company "ASKO" started its activity in 1991 in the conditions of independence of the Republic. Over 18 years of its existence, company has proved itself as the largest insurance company with an extensive network of branches, representative offices and institutions in regional centers and cities of Kazakhstan.

Priority directions of activity of JSC "Insurance Company" are:

• Introduction in the insurance market of new individual insurance products of JSC "IC "ASKO".

• Cooperation with financial institutions in terms of insurance of collateral and borrowers.

• Communication with customers and implementation of an advertising campaign plan (public relations and advertising insurance services).

• Creation of an extensive agent network through the:

- companies and representative offices, agencies of financial services, insurance brokers, engaged in the marketing and sales network;

- enterprises in various sectors of the economy.

2. National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan "Union "Atameken"

National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan "Union "Atameken" - is the largest business association of the country, representing the interests of the business community to improve the business climate.

The Chamber was established in order to coordinate business activities, represent and protect common property and other legitimate interests of its members.

"Atameken" cooperates with governmental authorities to address the key issues of domestic business and improving the legal framework of Kazakhstan, regulating the development of private enterprise.

The mission of "Atameken" is development of Kazakhstan's economy to the level of the best developed countries in the world. These mission activities serve the purpose of "Atameken" - the creation of a favorable business climate, the elimination of all kinds of administrative barriers to business and the development of non-oil sector of the economy.

3. JSC "National Scientific and Technological Holding "Parasat"

JSC "National Scientific and Technological Holding "Parasat" with 100 percent state participation in the authorized capital is formed according to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 3, 2008 № 668 "About creation of joint-stock companies "National Information Holding "Arna Media"? "National Scientific technological holding "Parasat", National ICT holding "Zerde".

The mission of the holding company is the development, implementation and commercialization of technologies that are in demand for sustainable scientific, technological and socio-economic development of Kazakhstan.

Holding has a strong scientific and technical, technological and resource potential. Holding signed memorandums and agreements with companies such as the American company CBM Partners (USA), Japanese companies Toyota Tsusho Co, Evatec, Interactiv, the South Korean company Hanool Robotics and others. Holding has the ability to find wide and modern world technologies.

4. JSC "National Holding "KazAgro"

"KazAgro" Holding was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in January 2007. The structure of "KazAgro" holding includes 7 joint stock companies: JSC "NC "Food Corporation", JSC " KazAgroFinance", JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation", JSC "KazAgroOnіm", JSC "Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture", JSC "KazAgroGarant", JSC "Kazagromarketing".

The mission of the Holding is implementation of state policy on stimulating industrial development of agro-industrial complex on principles of effectiveness, transparency and good corporate governance of the holding structures.

The strategic directions of the Holding are:

• Stimulating growth in labor productivity in agroindustrial complex through industrialization and diversification.

• Participation in ensuring food security of the country through the development and regulation of the domestic food market.

• Facilitate the development and implementation of agribusiness export potential.

• Improving the quality of corporate governance and transparency of activities of the holding.

5. JSC "Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership"

JSC "Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership" (hereinafter - the PPP Center) was established in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 17, 2008 № 693 "On creation of a specialized organization for the concession".

The sole shareholder of JSC "Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership" is the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan represented by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of international cooperation Kazakhstan PPP Center conducted a lot of work with international organizations, foreign PPP centers, consulting companies, large international concessionaires.

6. Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Kazakhstan – is the central executive body of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carrying out the management and intersectoral coordination for implementation of the state in the field of environmental policy and environmental management, and ensuring sustainable development of society.

7. LLP «BI -Holding»

«BI -Holding» was founded in 1995 as a trading company, in 2005 BI Group was developed into a construction company. Today BI Group is one of the largest construction holdings of the country, which develops its activity both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Holding consolidates a number of companies that specialize in: 1) the construction of residential, commercial real estate and property development, management and operation of real estate; 2) the construction of roads of regional and cross-border implications; 3) the production of building materials; 4) construction of industrial facilities. Holding incorporates such well-known brands in Kazakhstan as "Kazahdorstroy", "Highways of the National Assembly", "BI Village", "BIG Elite" and others.

8. JSC "Economic Research Institute"

Actively participates in the development of the most important state programs and laws, the assessment of the economic situation in the country, make recommendations for the implementation of the strategic objectives of macro-economic and territorial development of the country in the medium and long term, on the interaction of public and private sectors. Institute of Economic Research provides the following areas of research:

1. Research on spatial development of the country as well as across sectors of the economy.

2. Methodical and analytical support and the development of investment processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. System monitoring of economic processes in the country and the world using the latest IT-technologies and the development of recommendations on measures to promptly respond. Develop a set of models of social and economic forecasting.

4. Research in the field of state planning.

5. Evaluation and scientific and economic expertise of the socio-economic impact of legislation.

9. The Institute for Public Policy

"Nur Otan is the "nerve center" of the party "Nur Otan". The Institute was established in 2007 (formerly, Institute of parliamentarism "Nur Otan"). Public Policy Institute conducts political and sociological studies, surveys and sections of public opinion, the expert-analytical support bills that shape public opinion.

10. JSC "Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute"

Formed in 2010 by the Republic of Kazakhstan Government Decree № 508 "About creation of joint-stock company" Kazakhstan Institute of Industry Development "(hereinafter - "KIID") for analytical support of state policy of industrial development. "KIID" is efficient and professional research and consulting organization that provides high-quality services in the field of industrial and innovation policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The mission of "KIID": promotion of industrial-innovative development of the country through scientific and methodological informational and analytical support; development of practical recommendations for industrial policy decisions.

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