Library Rules

1. The rights to use the library is available to students, faculty, staff of the university.

2. Remark: Other categories of readers are serviced only in the reading room.

3. To record in the library readers show a student ID card, passport, identity card, certificate of employment.

4. When recording to the library the reader should refer to the Terms of Use and confirm the obligation about their performance by his signature.

5. The readers have the right to receive books for temporary use.


Textbooks are issued for one semester. The scientific literature is issued for up to 1 month in the amount of 5-10 to researchers, graduate students, students with thesis students; 5 copies to other categories of readers.

Encyclopedias, reference books, rare and valuable books available in the library in a single copy periodicals are issued only in the reading room.

6. Readers can prolong the use of books, if they are not demanded by other readers.

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