The Kazakh University of economics, finance and international trade (KUEF,) founded in 2001, in Almaty in 2006 was relocated to Astana and merged into branch of the Kazakh economic university after T. Ryskulov.

For years of its development, the University has grown in large educational institution with the highly skilled faculty and powerful material and technical resources. Today KUEF is the only specialized economic higher education institution in our capital.

The university carries out training of the experts education demanded in labor market in 16 specialties of bachelor degree in internal, evening forms with application of remote technologies at 4 faculties: "Account and finance", "Economics, management and law", faculty of distance and electronic learning and faculty of postgraduate education. 10 departments provide release of staff: "Economics", "Management", "Marketing and law", "Social work", "Tourism and service", "Finance", "Informatics and applied economics", "Banking", "Account and audit" and "Kazakh and foreign languages". There work 234 teachers, including 48 doctors of science, 103 candidates of science, 12 Ph.D and 58 masters. Among them, there are owners of the state awards and ranks. The most important certificate of qualitative level of the faculty, certainly, are 26 owners of the state grant "The best teacher of higher education institution".

In 2013 our university has successfully passed the state certification and institutional accreditation through Independent agency of accreditation and rating for a period of 5 years. This accreditation confirms compliance of quality of educational activity, system of management and material and technical resources to national standards in the field of education. Also it will promote increase of competitiveness in the Kazakhstan education market, and will allow to provide employment of our graduates.

Just recently, in March, 2014 the University has passed recertification on quality management system of ISO 9001:2009 for a period of 3 years.

The university has the modern educational building, the dining room on 240 seats, and the modern hostel of hotel type for students on 250 places. All students of university are registered at student's policlinic of Astana, in the educational building there is specially equipped medical aid station. For ensuring nonlearning pastime sports sections functions. Rated sportsmen, Masters of Sports and candidates for the Master of Sports are trained at university. There are also champions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Asian games and one world champion among students.

The university also has modern library, which includes 7 reading rooms. Besides, the university is member of the Public "Association of Libraries of Higher Educational Institutions", participant of the “Electronic State Library Stock — the Kazakhstan National Electronic Library” project that allows to use cumulative fund www.kazneb.kz. The library of university has full access to the advanced electronic libraries of the world as "Elsevier", "Thomson Reuters", CJSC KONEK. The website of CJSC KONEK – is the official distributor of the company Emerald, Elsevier, Oxford, Springer and others world publishing companies. It provides all range of the world literature. The library is participant of KAZRENA Association projects. The association provides uninterrupted providing access to uniform scientific and educational computer network with Internet access. There is also access to the database of JSC “National Center of Scientific-technical Information”. On platform of this center it is provided access to world information by remote access to domestic, Russian and foreign full text resources.

Since 2008 our higher education institution is collective member of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan. In 2011 university became the member of the International organization - the European Association of institutions of higher education (EURASHE) and the international educational European Retail Academy network.

University also actively keeps development of the international cooperation. It has signed 55 contracts on partnership in the field of science and education with foreign higher education institutions and the organizations. Work on the invitation of the famous foreign scientists, including Nobel Prize laureates, as lecturers and consultants of undergraduates was sped up.

Academic mobility of students and faculty is important indicator of demand and relevance of educational programs, their compliances to current trends in education. It provides performance of the mission of university, promotes improvement of quality of the higher education, increase of efficiency of scientific research, improvement of control system, establishment of external and internal integration processes and communications. Only in 2013-2014 academic year students and undergraduates of our University have passed the international training in Poland, South Korea, China, Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Switzerland. In addition, our 21 teachers in 2 last years have passed training on the Presidential Bolashak program in Switzerland, Great Britain, South Korea, Latvia and Russia.

For development and formation of professional competences, practical skills 10 laboratories function at university. For the purpose of carrying out basic and applied researches and rendering the maximum support to development of public-private partnership in the sphere of higher education at our university together with JSC Kazakhstan PPP Center the educational and research laboratory is created. For students of the "Finance" and "Account and Audit" specialties there is a laboratory on taxes and taxation - prototype of Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of RK.

Our university, realizing the plan of strategic development, has taken one more step towards the international integration. Based on our higher education institution the International business school is created. Main goal of creation was development of programs of postgraduate education, MBA business educational programs, short-term and medium-term programs of retraining and professional development of experts and teachers of financial and economic profile, short-term courses, trainings and seminars. Business school plans to become one of the leading business schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan, global on the operations and aimed at preparation of new generations of leaders of business and society.

Especially it should be noted that at university there is a number of the information systems which are based on a corporate network: automated information management system of educational process "Platonus"; AIS "Portal of Distance Learning KUEF-Moodle"; AIS "Electronic Selection Committee"; AIS "Electronic Library"; ARTA Synergy Electronic document management system.

At university there will be a modern information and education environment including 7 web focused information systems of automatization of educational process "Electronic university" which tasks will include merging of all structural divisions of higher education institution into one uniform information environment. The university has huge computer park - 437 units.

Research work of faculty and students is also actively conducted at university. Our teachers take part in the grant, contractual and scientific projects financed by the state budget and extrabudgetary funds. Students are participants and prize-winners of numerous scientific international and republican scientific forums and conferences, republican and interuniversity competitions, intellectual games, scientific and practical competitions, competitions of ideas, republican competitions of research works.

In 2012 number of undergraduates had grown. It is explained by increase in demand from employers for the master's degree as professionals for successful career in the international and Kazakhstan companies. In comparison with 2010 the number of undergraduates increased by 8 times.

Over the last 5 years at University are trained 5745 experts working today in all spheres of monetary, credit, tax and financial banking system, lead scientific institutions and educational institutions.

Remarkable feature of higher education institution is implementation of work on employment of the graduates trained on educational grants. For example, 90 percent of graduates of 2010-2013 academic years are employed. In addition, in Kazakhstan this system of employment of the graduates, trained on the budgetary basis, is not provided not only in private but also in state universities. It is pleasant to report that today there is a list of more than 25 enterprises and the organizations for target training in our higher education institution.


The greatest percent of university graduates finds job in the Ministries of RK, commercial banks, public institutions, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies. All of them proved as the competent highly qualified specialists demanded in many sectors of economy of Kazakhstan at the enterprises, which are engaged in development, and deployment of the software and information technologies in the design organizations.


From the first day students meet with deans of faculties, receive the reference book - guide. It serves as the guide for students and contains the general information on university, its organizational structure, rules of credit system of training, and glossary.

In a word, the big and friendly staff of our university is ready to meet young entrants of 2016 and to put all the knowledge and experience for their further formation as experts and specialists.

Welcome to KUEF!

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