About KazUEFIT

The Kazakh university of Economics, Finance and International Trade (KazUEFIT) - a specialized economic higher education institution of the capital of Kazakhstan is ranked in:

- top-10 among the higher education institutions of RK in «Social Sciences, Economics and Business» (according to the Independent Agency of accreditation and rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

- top-10 among the higher education institutions of RK in «Services» (according to the Independent Agency of accreditation and the rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Collective member of the Pedagogical Sciences Academy of Kazakhstan.

Member of the International organization - the European Association of institutions of higher education (EURASHE) and the international educational network European Retail Academy.

Member of the Asian Universities Association.

In 2013, the university successfully passed the state certification and institutional accreditation through the Independent agency of accreditation and rating for a period of 5 years.

In March, 2014 the university passed a recertification on the ISO 9001:2009 quality management system for a period of 3 years.

Following the results of the national business rating, the university received a certificate and  distinction of  «Industry Leader-2015».

The number of students – over 4000 people.

59 % of pedagogical staff are masters, candidates and doctors.

There are 5 faculties: Faculty of «Economics», Faculty of «Applied sciences», Faculty of «Basic preparation», Faculty of «Distance learning», and Faculty of «Postgraduate education».

The university runs programs on 15 specialties for bachelor programs and 8  specialties for master programs on full and part-time bases, as well as using distance learning technologies.

The university implements double-degree study programs in collaboration with Kannam University (South Korea) and the European University (Switzerland).

The International Business School (IBS) functions on the university basis is conveniently located in a perspective left side of Astana in a building of the House of Ministries. The IBS conducts preparation for MBA and DBA programs partnered with the European University (Switzerland).

The university has:

- modern educational campus;

- a dining room for 240 seats;

- 250 spots in a modern dormitory of hotel type for students;

- a library which includes subscription and 7 reading rooms.

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